Sunday, March 8, 2009

Here we have Elder Downward (to the left) Zone Leader of the Blacksburg Zone, which is to the west of the Roanoke Zone. And next to him is one of his missionaries, Elder Ericksen, who he brought to the Allergy Center for a follow-up appointment with Dr. McBride because Elder Ericksen is suffering from a skin rash. I had a very nice visit with these two fine missionaries while waiting for Linda, who also had an appointment with Dr. McBride.

Elder Downward is from Bountiful and Elder Ericksen is from West Jordan, Utah. I told them I needed their picture because Sister Chapman did not get to meet them and she would be asking me all about them. They kindly consented!

We have experienced a dramatic upward trend in the weather/temperature these past 3-4 days, following the snows of the previous weekend. We are now bumping the high 70s!

I'm not sure what I'm posting here, but enjoy it, if you can. I'm wanting to post the picture of the two missionaries I spoke with while Linda was at her doctor's appointment at the Allergy Center in Roanoke on Thursday.