Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This is our visit with Amy, Gary and boys in their home in Mesa the day after Christmas.

Santa delivered one of those interactive T-V musical instrument games ("Rock Band") and this group can really get into it. Nathan wasn't at home but Ryan was on the drums, Dallin on the guitar and Caleb providing vocalization!

Dec 25, 2008, Christmas day with our families

The rain was coming down again, when we drove on from John and Rebecca's in east Queen Creek on out to David and Meredith's home, off Hunt Highway furthor to the south.

It was great to visit with them and their dear children on Christmas day.

As we were leaving, David came out in the rain with us and his mother took this picture from the car window. David's beard reminds her of her father, Stan Burnham, when he sported a similarly styled beard when she was just a little girl, many years ago.

You are looking like Stan the Man, David!

Cade let his grandpa come to his room and take his picture by his bed with his Christmas gifts.

Thank you, Cade!

At the homes of our children we find the old tradition of displaying one's gifts on your bed in your bedroom is still being carried on.

Here we are at the home of John & Rebecca. Their oldest son, Christian lets us see what gifts he received.

It was our first time to be at John and Rebecca's home since our stay with them last June, prior to our trip to Rexburg and across the country.

How very good it is for us to visit with these dear grandchildren and their parents. We love them!

Later, Christmas morning, after a fun "Skyp" face-to-face call from Jeffery and family from Texas, we made visits to the homes of three of our children who live in the east Valley.
First, we enjoyed a late breakfast with Elizabeth & Rich and their threesome, (left to right) Paige, Drew and baby Erica. They still had presents to open from grandpa and grandma Dalton.
It is always so fun to be with this Dalton family!

Dec 25, 2008, Christmas morning at the LeSueur's

Emalie found a brand new bicycle for her under the tree also, and even though it was a cold, rainy Christmas morning, very soon she and Kacey were out on the street on their bicycles.

Garrett was out there too, trying out his new remote controlled car.

Yes, it was fun to be with this LeSueur family at Christmas time!

I didn't take Kacey long to find what Santa put under the tree for her; a new bicycle with a basket and a bell!
She loves to ride!

There's Garrett! The first one down the stairs.

He is showing his big brother Scott the quickest way to empty a Christmas Stocking.

Christmas morning at the LeSueur home! Kacey, Emalie and Scott are pretty excited, coming down those stairs to see what Santa brought!

But, where is Garrett?