Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A storm was gathering as we drove through this beautiful residential development on the east side of Roanoke. These are Japanese Pear trees lining this one particular property, all abloom. We are not sure of the name of the tree to the left with its pink blossoms.
Monday, April 5, we took a drive through a beautiful neighborhood that we see each time we drove down the Blue Ridge Parkway enroute to our District Meeting in Vinton, Virginia. We see all these beautiful homes from a distance, but have no access to them from the parkway. So, we finally took the by-road off US 460 outside Roanoke and drove through this lovely residential area that has so intrigued us in the distance . This is just one of the many splendidly landscaped homes in this development.
Another of the many trees that are flowering now before they leaf out!
Spring flowers are all blooming now, everywhere we look! These are here at the Bedford Library grounds.
The big guy is Elder Whitby of
eastern Washington State. He came
out with Elder Liddiard last
November and had been serving with
Elder Wright up near Charleston, West
Virginia until this most recent transfer.
He will be serving with Elder Cowley,
here in Bedford. He is a fine missinary! His family has a farm with beef cattle, alfalfa, chickens, cows and cheery and apple trees. He like Bedford because it has more of a rural atmosphere than where he had been serving in West VA.
This picture was taken when we came to transport Elder Whitby and Elder Cowley back to Bedford from the Transfer site at the Roanoke Stake Center in Salem. They are, left to right: Elder's Cowley, Whitby, Erickson and Hansen (Zone Leaders).