Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This was the scene, looking north on our lane, Hopes Way, while out walking last Thursday morning. Lots of mist, rain and fog. But, we were still welcomed at the Dutton home in Goodview and had a very nice visit with them, reading with them from the Book of Mormon. They are a very special couple.

Today, Tuesday, April 7, we had to go in to Dr. McBride's office in Roanoke to take the results of some radiology done here at the Bedford hospital. While waiting, were greeted by a woman named Dutton that works in the doctor's office. It turns out that she is married to Merle Dutton's cousin, an active member of the Church. During the conversation we learned that the Elder Stevens that was an Assistant to President Montague in the Colorado Denver North Mission when we first arrived there in May 2006, is a nephew of these two Brother Dutton's of Virginia. They all originally come from Vermont! So, we see the many connections the church and the gospel bring into our lives! She was so happy to know we were welcome in the Dutton home in Goodview.

We have had more rain, days of rain, then clear skys, then wind and more rain. It is past time to begin mowing the acres of grass that surround our Bedford home, but it has been so wet we have had to wait.

The General Conference sessions of the Church were available to us on television. What a wonderfully inspiring experience! We took lots of notes. Terry enjoyed the Priesthood session with other brethren of the Branch at the Bedford chapel Saturday evening, 8pm. We couldn't help thinking about our children and grandchildren, gathered in their homes, viewing these same proceedings.

Yesterday, April 6, was the birthday of this great Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. By revelation we know it to also be the true birth date of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The flowers are popping up all over this village of Bedford. They remind us of the promise of re-birth, of a future glorious resurrection made possible by the atoning sacrifice, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a beautiful time of year, springtime!