Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yes, Elder Chapman was told to take off his coat and tie and help out with washing and drying the windows. It isn't enough just to show up, you need to be willing to roll up your sleeves and work for the cause!

Mr. Meador in his mortorized cart observing the youth as they wash the cars in his driveway. Sister Neal, one of the YW leaders is talking with him.
I introduced myself to Mr. Meador when I arrived and he told me that he was very impressed that a group of young people would come and do this kind of service for his organization with no thought of renumeration; but just as a gesture of help and goodwill.
The leaders did have hot dogs, hamburgers and drinks prepared and served up after the project was completed. They all had a very enjoyable time!

Here is Elder Hart in his cap and car wash clothes, keeping an eye out for those who might want to put soap and water on him instead of the vehicle.

Almost everyone got good and wet before it was over with, but they did a good job cleaning and washing the cars too.

There were 22 youth and leaders involved in this project. The young lady you see here, Rachel, and her mother, Raquel Querro, in the background in the black dress, are being taught by the missionaries.

Tuesday, July 14, the Bedford missionaries were invited to help with the Young Women's and Young Men's service project at the home of John Meador in Moneta.

Mr. Meador is a paraplegic who dispatches for Bedford Ride, a service that provides transportation for the needy in the Bedford County area. These are the youth of our Branch. Our young people cleaned and washed all 6 of the Bedford Ride vans and cars that are garaged in Moneta and then vacuumed and washed Mr. Meador's big van as well.

Elder Wright is there in the midst of the work. The youth loved having the missionaries helping out.