Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dec 9, 2008, Garrett's Birthday

So, here they are; the birthday boy and his best fan and admirer, Kacey, or as her grandpa says; "Little Wee Toots."

They are mighty cute together!

Happy Birthday, Garrett!

Our grandson, Garrett LeSueur, turned 12 on Tuesday, Dec 9, but after Family Home Evening Monday night it was agreed that he could open his presents. So, everyone came upstairs to Emalie's bedroom where their grandmother Chapman was, and we all sat on or around the bed while Garrett opened his birthday cards and presents.
Of course, his biggest fan and closest earthly companion is his little sister, Kacey. She just loves everything about her brother Garrett. She got right up there on the bed with him!

On Saturday, December 6, our grandson, Scott LeSueur was invited to the Highland High School Winter Formal by this beautiful young lady, Demeri Brown.

They stopped by the LeSueur home before picking up three other couples, so we could take some pictures.

Scott said, later, that they enjoyed dinner at the home of one of the couples, the dance at the school and then all kinds of fun at a nearby ice skating rink. True to his word, he was home by 1 a.m. What a fine, handsome grandson this is!