Friday, September 18, 2009

The all-male members of the Vinton District are seen here, finishing off some full platters of double layer pizza at the nearby New York Pizzarea, following our Wednesday District Meeting. The quantity of food these skinny elders can consume is, as I said to Elder Fenton (left front), "prodigious."

Sister Chapman was not with us to set an atmosphere of restraint. I am afraid I over-indulged myself as well. It really was good pizza!

The only thing you see of our District Leader, Elder Fullmer, are his hands as he loads a take-home box with slices of pizza for later in the day. These guys can eat!

On the left, front to back is Elder Fenton from Salt Lake City, Utah; Elder Hart from Payson, Utah.

On the right, front to back is Elder Chin, our Zone Leader, along with Elder Fenton; Elder Hegland of Salt Lake; and his companion Elder Pirir, also of Utah.