Saturday, March 21, 2009

This is a portion of the lawn and flower garden on the south side of the Bedford Library.

Spring is in the air! Today is the first day of Spring, officially. This is the first day that the Sun appears above the horizon at the North Pole. Brrrr!

This is the first day that the Sun fails to appear above the horizon at the South Pole. Double Brrrr!

So, you can expect more Springtime pictures on the blog as flowers bloom and trees continue to bud and then begin to leaf out! we had three days of quiet, soft and continueous rain. But, today the Sun is shining, the sky is mostly clear of clouds and the air is fresh! We are doing our taxes. We ought to be driving through this delightful countryside, but now it is time and past time to get them ready.

This is our most oft visited public building in Bedford, the Bedford Central Library, located on Bridge Street, just down the hill, 1/2 block from the wonderful old building that used to house the high school but is now the Bedford Middle School. This is a fine library, with branch librarys scattered across Bedford County. This is where we come to hook in with the wireless service so we can go Online and email our children and friends and maintain our Blog postings while we are here in Bedford serving our mission. This is a lovely town and a most accommodating public library. It has a "Quiet Room" upstairs where they house their special collection of books on Virginia, geneological records and all their collection on World Ward II, which is quite extensive, given the size of the community. But, then again, this is the site of the Nation's D-Day National Memorial, so it is understandable they would be interested in all the printed material relating to the War. This Quiet room is furnished with nice sitting chairs and four big tables and chairs for study. This is where we go to use our laptop and read and send our emails.