Friday, May 1, 2009

The view of our place of residence, the Hodge home, from the far southeast side of the property, looking at the backside of the house. Such a peaceful and lovely place! As we have said before, almost daily we see Whitetail deer, 6-8 at a time; we see that many wild turkey feeding about, but not as frequently. And many varieties of small wild birds inhabit the area, including robins and cardinals. We keep bird seed in the bird feeder in the back yard and we enjoy seeing many different small birds come to feed.

The trees in the front yard of the home where we live (1277 Hopes Way) are beginning to leaf out and we see more color and heavier foliage each day as we drive about.

Coming from the deserts of Arizona as we do, this Virginia springtime continues to impress us with its many hues of color bursting forth from trees, scrubs and flowers.

these are the Wharton Gardens in Bedford.

While waiting for the happy couple (the 'new' Mr. & Mrs. Graff) to imerge from the Temple last Saturday we took several more pictures of the Washington DC Temple and surrounding grounds. It was an usually warm, but also beautiful spring day. It is one of the largest of all LDS Temples and certainly one of the most beautiful, inside and out.