Friday, October 31, 2008

October 31, 2008, Richfield, UT to Flagstaff, AZ

Not far beyond Navajo Bridge Alternate 89 rejoins the main highway and continues on southward through Indian land toward Flagstaff.

This picture was taken as we approached the San Francisco Peaks north of Flagstaff at about 5:30 pm.

We took lodging in Flagstaff for the night and plan to complete our drive to Show Low/Linden on the Mogollon Rim some 150 miles to the east, tomorrow. We are looking forward to seeing our three daughters, Kelly, Rebecca and Ann and their spouses and families after being away for so long!

We stopped at Jacob Lake in the high Kiabab forest near the north rim of the Grand Canyon. This is another favorite spot for us. They serve good food in the restaurant there and they have lots of authentic Navajo, Hopi and Zuni Indian hand crafted articles on sale in their gift shop that are always a treat to look at.

And after you leave Jacob Lake you take the all time favorite road for Terry down off the Kiabab mountains into Marble Canyon and the Vermilion Cliffs north of Navajo Bridge. This is a view of Marble Canyon from the scenic overlook on Alternate 89 east of Jacob Lake.

Our ancester, Jacob Hamblin, for whom Jacob Lake takes its name, rode across these vast distances numerous times on solitary missions to the Navajo, Hopi, Piute and other tribes of southern Utah and northern Arizona. Perhaps that is one reason that this particular part of Arizona has so much meaning. With all the change that continues to take place in so many places of the earth, this area remains timeless, subject only to wind and rain.

As we approached the town of Panguitch, Linda commented on the beautiful cloud formationsin the sky ahead of us. It was a fine day for travel in southern Utah. Great vistas in all directions! Temperatures in the 70s by mid-day. It was hard to believe it was the last day of October.

On this last day of October, 2008 (Halloween) we said goodbye to our costumed hosts at the hotel in Richfield (witches, goblins and such!) and headed off down the highway for all the little southern Utah towns scattered along US 89 between Richfield and Kanab. We have driven this road so very many times over the years since our marriage and heading up to Provo to enter BYU in the Fall of 1962. But, we love every mile, every turn, every crossroad, village and mountain and valley and plateau.
Here is a favorite spot. We don't stop but we enjoy seeing it each time and singing a few lines of The Big Rock Candy Mountain .. "Oh, the peppermint trees and the lemonade springs and the soda water fountain! ..." This would have to be a favorite door to knock on for any kid out trick or treating, its the Big Rock Candy Mountain! Just a short ways down the road after you leave Richfield.