Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day 41, Sunday, Oct 12, Chambersburg, PA to Uniontown, PA

We found it was a good choice, taking "Scenic" or alternate US 40 rather than the fast and smooth freeway (I-68) through these Allegheny mountains. On the freeway you can't stop and enjoy places like this: An historic stone bridge, built in 1812, spanning a stream along the old "National Highway."

Following US 40 brought us to Uniontown, PA where we stopped and found lodging. It had been a beautiful day!
Here is an up close view of one of these brilliant hardwood trees along US 40 in extreme northwestern Maryland, just below the Pennsylvania border and just north of West Virginia.

This rivals anything we have seen in beautiful New England.

As we continued westward along scenic US 40, we had to stop several times to take photos of the Autumn colors.

This is looking off to the northwest, near Grantsville, MD. The photo can not do justice to the brilliance of these colors.

This morning we checked out of our lodgings in Chambersburg, dressed in our Sunday best, hoping to make it to Cumberland, Maryland in time to attend the 12:30 pm Sacrament Meeting of the Cumberland Ward. It turned out to take quite a bit longer than I thought, and we did not arrive in Cumberland in time.

We traveled on historic US 40 today. It is called the National Highway. We hope to use it to cross Ohio and Indiana, rather than have to be on the Interstate.

This is truly beautiful country with rolling hills, mountains and many open spaces with well cultivated farms. These are the Allegheny mountains and the Fall colors are really starting to 'pop.'

This was taken west of Cumberland, MD, very close to West Virginia's northern border.