Monday, October 13, 2008

Day 42, Mon, Oct 13, Uniontown, PA to Columbus, OH

As we crossed the mighty Ohio River from W. VA and began our journey toward our nighttime destination, the city of Columbus (on Columbus Day!) we realized that we were leaving the forests and mountains of Appalachia and experiencing the increasing openess of farms and fields, leaving behind the great hardwoods and their Autumn colors.
So, here is one last shot of such Fall splendor, taken along US 40 near the town of Centerville, PA.

As we continued our way westward along "Historic National Highway" US 40 from Uniontown, PA today, we were again blessed the beautiful colors of Autumn.

Temperatures ranged in the high 70s, as they have throughout the eastern part of the country for several days.

This picture was taken west of Uniontown, near the Monongahela (say that!) River. Linda kept saying, "It is just like a picture post card," as we tried to take in scene after scene with every turn of the road.

We left Uniontown on US 40, but missed our turn and had to turn around and retrace our route for several miles. With the confusion that again occured as we made our way through the city of Washington, PA, we decided to get on the Interstate.

17 miles west of Washington, PA we saw this sign, welcoming us to "Almost Heaven, West Virginia!" Linda grabbed the camera and snapped off a quick shot. OK!

Like Maryland, West Virginia has a narrow arm extending between two other states. In this case, Pennsylvania on the east and Ohio on the west. Just a little over 10 miles further on and we were crossing the Ohio river at Wheeling, W. VA, and saying hello to the State of Ohio.

To be in West Virginia, however briefly, touches our hearts. Not only is it the area where we have been called to serve as missionaries, come January 2009, but it is where our son Jeffery served his mission in 1982-83, and where he met his wife-to-be, fellow missionary, Sister Kristi Fraughton of South Jordan, Utah. It was our special privilage to pick Jeffery up at the end of his mission and to meet our dear Kristi and her companion. It will always be a treasured memory for us. So, when we return to West Virginia as senior missionaries this January we feel that we will not only be representing the Church, but also Jeffery and Kristi, who touched many lives for good in the West Virginia Charleston Mission.