Wednesday, May 4, 2011

If you look carefully, you will see the far-off cause-way where the tunnel re-amirges from under the Chesapeake channel. That is how far each of these tunnels take the vehicular traffic underwater, so the big ships can cross in and out of the bay.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel connects Cape Henry with the North Hampton Peninsula, across the 20 mile wide mouth of the bay. It has two tunnels under the channel, each two miles long, to allow vehicle traffic (one lane each way) proceed at normal speeds while large ships sail to and fro.

This is one of the two locations in mid-channel where the vehicles enter and exit from these long tunnels. A long pier extends out to one side, over the water for fishermen and sightseers. There is a restaurant and gift shop, restrooms, etc. It is quite a piece of engineering.

At Fort Story, north of Virginia Beach, on the shores of Cape Henry, stands America's first federally commissioned lighthouse. George Washington commissioned this lighthouse in 1792. It has stood watch at the entrance to Chesapeake Bay for over 200 years,

We had such fun with Elmer and Sue that day; first, at Virginia Beach, then to Fort and the first lighthouses to be commissioned by George Washington; then over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel; and the ending the day and finding a room for the night in historic Williamsburg.

This picture was taken near the beach front as we walked over to find a place to eat.

Of course, as she did at Oceanside, California last year, Linda had to go wading in the surf! She is still a kid!

Sunday afternoon, after our meetings at the branch, Elmer and Sue drove us to Richmond where we stayed the night in their son, Jamie's nice condo.

Monday, May 2, they took us to Virginia Beach.

Here are Sue and Linda, looking about for sea shells as they walk along this long, long stretch of public beach; a favorite summer place for tourists from all over the eastern seaboard.

May 1, was Fast Sunday at the Bedford Branch chapel. We looked forward to this opportunity to see the members and be with them in Testimony meeting. We were not disappointed. The LaPrades were seated on the back row as we came in. Danny helped with the passing of the Sacrament. We got big hugs and warm smiles and greetings from everyone after the meeting. We loved hearing all the testimonies, singing the hymns, and seeing the new converts and the investigators.

These are the two sister missionaries presently serving in the Bedford area. Sister Webster on the left (part Indian), and Sister Durham. They are doing such good work! What a pleasure for us to see and be with them all for those few short moments.

One of the many old church's and graveyards in and around Fincastle, Virginia.