Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Elmer and Sue Hodge and Linda with her umbrella can be seen on the walkway above the sluse that brings water to the water wheel at the Mabry mill.

Monday, May 17, despite complete overcast and a chilling rain we took another excursion day with Elmer and Sue Hodge. We wanted to see where Sue works part-time at the Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor's Center at Virginia's beautiful Explore Park that Elmer, while serving as Roanoke County Manager, had helped to bring into being. Then we drove through the mist up over Rocky Knob at 3500 ft., the visibility virtually at zero. Everything wet, green and beautiful! Then we dropped down off the mountain to a place called Mabry Mill. This is arguably the most photographed spot on the entire 469 miles of the nation's longest and most visited National Park. It did not disappoint. We enjoyed the cool soft rain and the chance to walk around and view this once working grist mill from all sides. This mill has been here for almost 100 years.
We enjoyed a very nice meal in the restaurant that adjoins the property. What a nice day!