Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day 36, Tues, Oct 7, Gloucester to Boston, Mass

Our journey on down the coast from Gloucester and Cape Ann brought one special sight after another as we continued to get glimpses of the sea and drove through other famous old sea coast towns like Beverly, Salem, Lynn and Revere before we finally turned inland.
Threading our way through the busy traffic of the northside suburbs of Boston we reached Belmont and the Boston Massachusetts Temple.
With helpful information from a temple worker we were able to find our way to a hotel in nearby Lexington. We plan to attend a session of the Temple Wednesday morning after we check out of our room.

Not far from the famous Fisherman's monument on Gloucester Harbor is this bronze statue of a mother and her children, dedicated to the women of Gloucester who have lost fathers, hubands, sons and brothers to the sea.

On our way down the coast toward Boston, we stopped once again at Gloucester Harbor for breakfast at a small cafe across the street from a popular place called Pavilion Beach.

As we were enjoying our breakfast Linda saw a woman standing near the beach, feeding the seabirds. She had a large container of some kind of feed. She would throw a small piece of whatever it was into the air and the seagulls would catch it in their beaks before it fell to the ground.

This is the view from our hotel balcony at Cape Ann just as the sun rises over the North Atlantic. It was such a treat to be up to watch this sunrise on such a clear and beautiful day.

Another treat for us came as darkness fell last night and these two light houses on Thatcher Island began to send their beams of light out across the surrounding sea.

We kept our large windows open to enjoy the sound of the surf washing against the rocks below our room. The night sky was alive with stars, there being very little reflected light coming from either Gloucester to the south or Rockport to the north.

This was such a choice place to stay for our last night on the seacoast.