Sunday, July 4, 2010

Shortly after our arrival back at Ann & Steve's in Linden (Show Low), we were treated to a sunset ride on ATV's to the top of a nearby hill, with Steve, Ann and the kids. The mountain air was so cool and refreshing! It also provided a great view of Linden Valley.
It was our first time to operate one of these popular off-road machines. We really had a nice time!

Monday, June 28, after a short visit with Karlie Burnham, at our home on N. Orange and getting a chance to see her two cute little boys, we took care of some necessary errands and then said goodbye to the Valley one more time. We headed east on US 60 for Show Low, going by way of Globe and the Salt River Canyon, Terry's (not Lnda's) favorite way to travel to the White Mountains.
As we neared Apache Junction, east of Mesa we snapped a picture of the Superstition Mountain, our famous landmark, surrounded by so much story and legend about hidden gold, violent death, mysterious disappearances, Indian depredations, and endless tales of unsuccessful searches for the "Lost Dutchman Mine."
Now it's foothills are filling up with development after development of desert dwellers.