Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I am a skygazer. There is no doubt about it! This is another early December morning, looking east as the Sun is just breaking over the horizon. This is the view from the veranda at our residence on Hopes Way in Bedford.

A couple of weeks ago the young elders and I drove over to Thaxton to help a family from Roanoke move into their new residence. We had the address but none of us had ever been on this particular part of Thaxton before. It had been raining pretty steady for two days. Elder Fullmer had the map and was directing us from one county road to another. Finally, we ended up here on the banks of a stream that had completely flooded over the roadway. We had to back around and find an alternate route in to where this family was located. We did finally get there, although we were a little late. The elder's worked hard and we had the help of three other members of the Branch and we soon had the big U-Haul truck unloaded and things placed down mostly in the rooms where they were supposed to go. This family makes a big addition to our Branch with 7 children and one more on the way. The branch members will need to help this mother with her children because the father is in the US Army and he is being sent overseas in January. They have been to all their meetings since they moved here. They are a very nice family.