Friday, July 3, 2009

A view of the Hodge home from the back yard. It has been such a blessing for us to reside here in this lovely home and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of its surroundings. We truly love this place!

A closer view of the grapes that are now maturing in the grape arbor that was built, planted and nutured by the original owner, Elmer Hodge, Senior, now deceased. We think of him and his wife often as we live here in their home and enjoy the beauty and peace that surrounds us.

We have a grape arbor which is presently bearing young grapes in great clusters, out here in the back yard of the home where we reside.

There is an abundance of grapes. We don't know what we will do with it all when they mature!

This is the view from our bedroom window, looking off to the north toward the Blue Ridge mountains in the distance as dusk settles in toward nightfall. The clouds catch the setting sun's rays in a variety of ever changing hues.

The sky is an endless source of beauty and wonder!

Another view, off to the northeast on Wednesday evening as storm clouds continue to build out over the Bedford County countryside east of the Blue Ridge.
Taken from our back deck at the Hodge home where we reside here in Bedford, Virginia while serving in the West Virginia Charleston Mission.

Wednesday evening, July 1, great thunderheads began to develop off to the east of us and we heard the warning of severe weather for parts of Bedford County and other parts of Virginia.

Much to Linda's disappointment, no rain fell where we reside just outside the town limits of Bedford, but we were treated to the marvelous scenes of billowing storm clouds as they towered above us to the northeast.