Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lynette and Stephen's families were members of the same Stake of the Church in Virginia, but they didn't become acquainted with each other until after Lynette returned from her mission last April 2008. they met each other while participating in activities in the Singles Ward in their Stake. Stephen had served a mission in France and had just gotten home in February 2008.

We visited with the parents and with other members of both families and we can tell they are very, very happy about the marriage of these two fine young people.

We attended the reception, held down in Manassas, Viriginia, south of DC, that same day. We met and talked with a number of interesting people, both at the Temple and later at the reception. It was a very special, long, but most enjoyable day.

Before we left the reception to make the drive back to Bedford Lynette insisted on a picture, making the line wait while we had this picture and several others taken.

At the appropriate time (11 a.m) we took our seats in one of the large Sealing Rooms on the 6th level of the Temple, together with the other invited guests and family members. When all was in place, the Temple matron escorted Lynette into the room with her intended husband, Stephen Graff.
It touched our hearts to she her reaction of pleasure and surprise when she saw us there in the room.
It was a lovely ceremony. They truly looked like they were in love and so happy!
This picture was taken just after they exited the Temple doors following their marriage.
I don't know what he is telling her. Maybe, he is saying, "Now look, Lynette, this is the way it is going to be!" You, think? You don't think so? She looks like whatever he says, it is going to be wonderful!

We had come to the Temple to attend the wedding of our dear former Colorado Denver North missionary, Sister Lynette Noonan. She had kindly extended an invitation to us to attend not only the reception but to be in the Temple with family and close friends for the sealing ceremony itself.

We were very pleased and excited to accept this invitation and to receive permission from our Mission President to make the trip, which is outside our Mission boundary.

It was a beautiful, spring day in the Washington area, more like a summer day we were told, with temperatures in the high 80's.

Friday, April 24, we drove from Bedford up to Washington, DC and got a room for the night at a hotel near the Washington DC Temple.
Saturday morning we checked out of our hotel in Bethesda and drove east on the Capital Beltway to Cennecitcut Avenue and took a winding road through a thick forest of trees, another mile or so to the Temple, which is actually in the city of Kensington, just east of Connecticut Ave and north of the Capital Beltway. Those who have been there know what an inspiring sight it is, set on a prominence, rising high above the thick groves of trees that line the beltway area.