Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Friday, September 18, fire erupted while workers were removing old paint from the exterior wall of Bedord's historic old train station, now a popular restaurant where we have enjoyed a number of fine meals. Liberty Station!

They say the workers were using a blow torch to soften the old paint and the flames got out of control. The damage was very extensive. Even though the fire station is only a block away and responded quickly. It was fully involved by the time they arrived. We saw pictures on the news of one of the waitresses that has waited on us several times, being interviewed by the media. She was in tears. It started right after she arrived at work she said. There were numerous employees in the building but no one was injured.

The owners have made it clear that they are going to quickly renovate and restore and they say they intend to be reopened for business before the end of the year. We were happy to hear that. Apparently they do have insurance coverage.

The week prior to our recent Stake Conference (Roanoke Virginia Stake) we were again out on the many by-roads outside of Bedford placing type-written notices about the conference with the less-active members of our Bedford Branch. Always, there is something interesting to see as we drive these country roads. It would be interesting to know the history of this old homestead, out along highway 714, otherwise known as Falling Creek Road, south and east of Bedford in the township of Huddleston, Virginia. Several of our branch members live out this way, scattered about, sometimes on unpaved, gravel roads, a long ways off the beaten path.