Sunday, December 7, 2008

We were excited to be able to attend the 5A State Football Championship play-off game between Mt. View and Brophy. Our dear daughter Amy got our tickets ahead of time and her husband Gary met us at the gate so we wouldn't have to stand in line. We joined them in the stands with other family members and all the cheering Mt. View fans. It was a hard fought contest and we got to see our grandson Dallin play his position on kick-offs and punt returns.

There is Dallin, #34, with his teammates as time runs out and Brophy prevails. It was a tough loss, but Dallin and his fellow Toros will be back again next season!

Way to go, Dallin! We are very proud of you and Scott and Rathen for your participation with each of your teams this football season.

Each day when Kacey comes home from school, she comes into her grandma's room and hops up on the bed to share in any snacks that might be available and to color in coloring books with her grandma.

She shares these little moments with us and then she is off light a shot to some new adventure!

We are at the LeSueur home in Gilbert, helping put up the outdoor Christmas lights.
"Hey, Grandpa!" I look up and there perched outside an upper window are the two family 'monkey's,' Garrett and Kacey! What a pair!