Monday, March 22, 2010

We just received word yesterday during our Stake Conference meetings that Elder Liddiard is leaving us. We were afraid this was going to happen. He has been here in Bedfors since the beginning of his mission last November. He will depart on Transfer day this Wednesday. Elder Cowley will receive a new companion.
So, of course, we needed to get the elder's over for a pancake breakfast. Elder Liddiard thinks our buttermilk pancake receipe is pretty good!
Here they are going at it this morning in our kitchen. They each consumed 10 apiece and plenty of bacon! We sure do enjoy watching these missionaries eat!
Elder Cowley on the left. Elder Liddiard on the right.

The first day of Spring brought flowers! These popped up out of the ground next to the roadway in front of our neighbor's home. We are seeing them everywhere these last few days!