Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This is our visit with Amy, Gary and boys in their home in Mesa the day after Christmas.

Santa delivered one of those interactive T-V musical instrument games ("Rock Band") and this group can really get into it. Nathan wasn't at home but Ryan was on the drums, Dallin on the guitar and Caleb providing vocalization!

Dec 25, 2008, Christmas day with our families

The rain was coming down again, when we drove on from John and Rebecca's in east Queen Creek on out to David and Meredith's home, off Hunt Highway furthor to the south.

It was great to visit with them and their dear children on Christmas day.

As we were leaving, David came out in the rain with us and his mother took this picture from the car window. David's beard reminds her of her father, Stan Burnham, when he sported a similarly styled beard when she was just a little girl, many years ago.

You are looking like Stan the Man, David!

Cade let his grandpa come to his room and take his picture by his bed with his Christmas gifts.

Thank you, Cade!

At the homes of our children we find the old tradition of displaying one's gifts on your bed in your bedroom is still being carried on.

Here we are at the home of John & Rebecca. Their oldest son, Christian lets us see what gifts he received.

It was our first time to be at John and Rebecca's home since our stay with them last June, prior to our trip to Rexburg and across the country.

How very good it is for us to visit with these dear grandchildren and their parents. We love them!

Later, Christmas morning, after a fun "Skyp" face-to-face call from Jeffery and family from Texas, we made visits to the homes of three of our children who live in the east Valley.
First, we enjoyed a late breakfast with Elizabeth & Rich and their threesome, (left to right) Paige, Drew and baby Erica. They still had presents to open from grandpa and grandma Dalton.
It is always so fun to be with this Dalton family!

Dec 25, 2008, Christmas morning at the LeSueur's

Emalie found a brand new bicycle for her under the tree also, and even though it was a cold, rainy Christmas morning, very soon she and Kacey were out on the street on their bicycles.

Garrett was out there too, trying out his new remote controlled car.

Yes, it was fun to be with this LeSueur family at Christmas time!

I didn't take Kacey long to find what Santa put under the tree for her; a new bicycle with a basket and a bell!
She loves to ride!

There's Garrett! The first one down the stairs.

He is showing his big brother Scott the quickest way to empty a Christmas Stocking.

Christmas morning at the LeSueur home! Kacey, Emalie and Scott are pretty excited, coming down those stairs to see what Santa brought!

But, where is Garrett?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

December 23rd is also the birthday of the prophet of the Restoration. Joseph Smith, Jr. was born on Dec 23, 1805 in Sharon, Vermont. Financial hardship forced his family to move from Vermont to the vicinity of Palmyra, New York, where, in the Spring of 1820, young Joseph, in answer to sincere and humble prayer, beheld the Father and the Son in glorious vision. It is the fervant belief and testimony of millions that Joseph Smith was forordained to assist in the restoration of the Church and Kingdom of God once more to the earth. He lived and died as a true prophet of God. To learn of his life is an inspiration to every honest seeker of truth. We love this great and good man.

December 23, is the birthday of our dear mother, grandmother and great grandmother, Elsie Burk Chapman. She loved Christmas and didn't mind that her birthday was sort of lost in the holiday festivities.

We remember her each year by presenting a bouquet of flowers to one of the many women she loved and admired. We have been doing this each year since mother's passing in 1997. It has been such a nice experience for us to reach out and extend our mother's love to a special woman in her life. This year we delivered roses to Reta Scorsby in Mesa and then laid a rose on our mother's grave.

We love you dear mother. You continue to be an inspiration to us and to many others because of the goodness of your life.

We visited the Temple again, this time with the LeSueur family. It was Sunday night, Dec 21. The Temple grounds were thronged with people, men, women and children of all ages. They all seemed to be seeking for something. Was it just to see all the pretty Christmas lights and visual displays and hear the music of Christmas, or was it something more? Some yearning from within, not quite definable, but very real.

Christmas! It touches us in so many special ways.

Now what do you think is going on in little Paige Carol's mind? I would like to know. She doesn't seem quite sure about this Santa fellow.

What fun, seeing all these grandchildren at our Christmas party that night. They are each so special. Each one with beautiful, individual gifts and personalities. We love them!

We were surprised by a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus, who came to our Family Christmas Party bearing gifts and inviting everyone to come and sit on Santa's knee and tell him what they really want for Christmas!

Our dear Grandma Burnham whispered something in his ear and then they both laughed!

(Someone said it wasn't really Santa, but Uncle Jeffery, and that Mrs. Claus was really his wife Kristi, but I don't believe it)

Santa (Rebecca) and Meredith, hamming it up with a song and dance routine to the tune of "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus!"
This was one of many choice entertainments during our Chapman Christmas Party at the Gilbert 6th Ward meeting house on Friday, Dec 19.

Our oldest son, Jeffery, his wife Kristi and family arrived Thursday night from Idaho, en route to San Antonio, Texas for Christmas. On Friday, Dec 19, while Linda, Elizabeth and Melissa took Kristi out for a birthday luncheon I took some of the children with me to the park.
Here is Elizabeth's daughter Erica in the Stroller with older Sister Paige pointing at the ducks (Paige is blocking our view of her cousin Kacey). Drew, Erica and Paige's older brother, is there is his nice blue and green jacket.
And helping me with the children is dear Anna, who has come all the way from Rexburg, Idaho to be with us (Jeffery and Kristi's youngest daughter).
We had a fun time together at the Riparian nature park in Gilbert.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Beau is on the the far right in the first row of the big chorus, all dressed in their white clothes and green and red vests and gloves. What a sight and what a sound! To say we were mighty impressed would be an understatement! It was a wonderful, inspiring evening to be with Ann and Steve, and little Joshua, and Rebecca, Alexis, Rhett and Zachery, Elsie and Catelyn too! How fun for us!

Thank you, Beau and Gracie for doing such an outstanding job, together with your fellow students and teachers!

This performance by the elementary age children was held in the Show Low High School auditorium. The large auditorium was filled almost to capacity to view this performance; a traditional event of the past 16 years!
These are the Kindergarten students of Mrs. Allen's class, during their performance. Gracie is the bright yellow Christmas stocking in the front row. They were wonderful!

Wednesday, Dec 17, the weather cleared and we drove to Show Low and out to our daughter Ann's home in Linden so Linda could get her hair down by her favorite hair stylist. But, most importantly, we were there so we could attend the Linden Elementary School's annual Christmas program starring these two cuties, Beau and Gracie!

The manger scene, on display at the Mesa Arizona Temple grounds as part of the annual Christmas lights and Christmas performances that take place each night during December. Soft music can be heard and the voice of President Gordon B. Hinckley, bearing testimony of the reality of the Savior's birth.

Tuesday, Dec 16, after attending our Ward Temple Night I had the opportunity to walk about the Temple gardens and take a few pictures of the beautiful Christmas lights!
We love this old Mesa Arizona Temple! The rain was coming down and there weren't very many visitors about the grounds at 9 p.m. What a special sight!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our grandson, Garrett LeSueur, turned 12 and was ordained a Deacon on Sunday, Dec 14. What a wonderful boy! Here he is at home following his ordination, standing with his father, Russell, and big brother, Scott.
We just love being with these special men in Melissa's life.

This is Meredith, the birthday girl, on the right, posing with her sister Diana who flew down from Utah with her daughter Rowan just to bith with Meredith on her birthday. We all love Meredith! Isn't she beautiful?

This is our dear Amy. She loves being with her family and is always full of smiles, but I caught her in a reflective mood. Isn't she a beautiful woman?

In honor of Amy and Meredith's December birthday's, siblings and spouses gathered at Costa Vita's in Mesa, Saturday, Dec 13. Getting this group together is always a party!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

After attending Garrett's concert at the elementary school we drove over to Highland High School auditorium where we again joined Melissa, Russell and Russell's parents, this time to enjoy the high school's "Winter Concert" performed by 4 separate Highland bands.
Emalie played her alto saxaphone in the 2nd group. It was wonderful, we were so impressed with the quality and energy of these young musicians.
Here is Emalie as her band concluded their part of the progaram and came down off the stage. We are very proud of her good work and growing musical talent.

Thursday evening we attended the annual "Winter Concert" at the Pioneer Elementary School in Gilbert, where Garrett and his younger sister Kacey are enrolled.
Garrett is plays the snare drums in the 6th Grade Band. We very much enjoyed his performance. Here he is in his white shirt with his buddies in the percussion section, just before the start of the concert.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dec 9, 2008, Garrett's Birthday

So, here they are; the birthday boy and his best fan and admirer, Kacey, or as her grandpa says; "Little Wee Toots."

They are mighty cute together!

Happy Birthday, Garrett!

Our grandson, Garrett LeSueur, turned 12 on Tuesday, Dec 9, but after Family Home Evening Monday night it was agreed that he could open his presents. So, everyone came upstairs to Emalie's bedroom where their grandmother Chapman was, and we all sat on or around the bed while Garrett opened his birthday cards and presents.
Of course, his biggest fan and closest earthly companion is his little sister, Kacey. She just loves everything about her brother Garrett. She got right up there on the bed with him!

On Saturday, December 6, our grandson, Scott LeSueur was invited to the Highland High School Winter Formal by this beautiful young lady, Demeri Brown.

They stopped by the LeSueur home before picking up three other couples, so we could take some pictures.

Scott said, later, that they enjoyed dinner at the home of one of the couples, the dance at the school and then all kinds of fun at a nearby ice skating rink. True to his word, he was home by 1 a.m. What a fine, handsome grandson this is!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

We were excited to be able to attend the 5A State Football Championship play-off game between Mt. View and Brophy. Our dear daughter Amy got our tickets ahead of time and her husband Gary met us at the gate so we wouldn't have to stand in line. We joined them in the stands with other family members and all the cheering Mt. View fans. It was a hard fought contest and we got to see our grandson Dallin play his position on kick-offs and punt returns.

There is Dallin, #34, with his teammates as time runs out and Brophy prevails. It was a tough loss, but Dallin and his fellow Toros will be back again next season!

Way to go, Dallin! We are very proud of you and Scott and Rathen for your participation with each of your teams this football season.

Each day when Kacey comes home from school, she comes into her grandma's room and hops up on the bed to share in any snacks that might be available and to color in coloring books with her grandma.

She shares these little moments with us and then she is off light a shot to some new adventure!

We are at the LeSueur home in Gilbert, helping put up the outdoor Christmas lights.
"Hey, Grandpa!" I look up and there perched outside an upper window are the two family 'monkey's,' Garrett and Kacey! What a pair!