Saturday, January 31, 2009

We have completed the move of our belongings from our temporary quarters at the lake into the home we have rented in Bedford. The owners needed this past week to clean and install curtains, change out the old refrigerator for a new one, change and replace some door latches and locks, etc. They did a host of other things to make us more comfortable. They have been so kind.

We cleaned bathrooms, vacumned floors and washed bed linens, towels, etc., at the Miller cabin, so we could leave it like we found it. What a blessing it was to have this place to stay in while we hunted for a rental.

I took this picture from the front deck of the Miller cabin at Smith Lake as the evening sky to the northeast took on a glow from the western sunset.

The library is closing so I must post this short note and return to our new home on Hopes Way. We still haven't unpacked suitcases or boxes, but we are finally in and it is so, so good to know we can get settled and get down to the real purpose of our missionary assignment, to work with these members and reach out to those who are searching for the purpose of their existance.