Friday, September 10, 2010

During our stay with Ann, Steve and family in Linden, Grandpa enjoyed his one-on-one time with these delightful grandchildren. Beau and Gracie were always off to school on the bus by 7:50 a.m. Josh was up early too, ready to go for a walk down the country road to water the horses, or to spend hours on the front or back porch with his many miniture cars, trucks, and heavy equipment pieces.

While the sun was setting in the west on August 24, this was the sky as it appeared as we looked east across the Linden Valley

August 24, the evening sky over Linden, Arizona, looking to the southwest.

August 2010, we continued to reside with our daughter Ann and husband Steve and family. Summer rains blessed this mountain area during August.
On August 24, the evening sky was particulary beautiful. I took several pictures, all from Ann's home on Burton Rd in the Linden Valley.