Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our Vinton District met at the Vinton
Chapel on Wednesday, March 17, for
our regularly scheduled District
Meeting. We enjoyed a great spirit of brotherhood and love for the work! It is a sacred privilege to be associated with these excellent young men of the Church who serve here in this mission. Left to right they are:

Elder Hansen from Idaho, Elder Richards from Ogden, Utah, Elder Stanvich from Oregon, Elder Reed from Washington, Elder Liddiard from Elk Ridge, Utah and Elder Cowley, our District Leader (a distant relative of Matthew Cowley, a well-known Apostle of the Lord).

Elder Reed presented each of his fellow missionaries with a copy of a pencil sketch he made of the Savior. It was very well done. I should have taken a picture of it to post to this blog. He will be completing his 2-year mission and returning home this next week. So, we were all saying goodbye. He is such a fine elder. He is the one wearing the 4-leaf clover for St. Patrick's Day.

They all kidded me about forgetting to wear a green tie. I pulled out my green ball-point pen and stuck it in the breast pocket of my jacket ( a poor substitute).