Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 8, Tuesday, our 3rd day on Mackinac Island

Tuesday dawned bright and sunny, with fresh breezes off the lake and fair weather clouds scudding along out over the Mackinac Bay Bridge to the west. Linda was still hurting and needing to keep her legs up, so we opted for a box for her from the breakfast bar, containing granola ceral, sweet roll, yogurt, milk, banana, apple, etc., while I breakfasted in the main dining hall; all very nice. Those in charge of seating and serving the hotel guests are so helpful and courteous. Whatever you need, they are ready to do.

After breakfast I left Linda tucked up in the room and I went off to complete my walk around the Island. As I started my walk along the road just below the hotel I came upon the inscription noting the place where Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour staged the first moment of meeting in their film, "Somewhere in Time." That was a nice surprise to see the actual spot for this now famous encounter! The pictures are sequenced in the direction of my walk, which was from the hotel, going clockwise around the 8 mile perimeter road that borders the shoreline. What a refreshing and totally pleasant experience it is to be walking along, taking in the continuous sights of sky, water and forest.

As I returned to the town from the east end of the Island I happened to stop to take a picture of one of the old churches and a female pedestrian spoke to me, asking if I had seen the old rock church that is near the Grand Hotel. She said it was built by her great,great grandfather on her mother's side, a Mr. Rounds. She said her mother once lived on the Island. The lady's name is Carter. She said Mr. Rounds also built the Light house that still stands just outside the harbor, and was the builder of a great many other structures on the Island. She showed me the home where her mother lived as a child, so I asked if I could take her picture standing in front of the home and she said OK. She continued to share information about the Island with me as we continued down the sidewalk toward the downtown area where she was to meet her daughter and her niece. They were going to visit the Island Museum. We were greeted by her neice near the dock area. Her niece said she thought that was her, coming down the street, but then thought not because she was walking with a man! I told her niece, "Well, you never know what these older women will be up to," and bid them goodday. I walked on up the hill to the Grand Hotel, a little tired from my 8 mile walk but very happy for the experience. Again, such a beautiful day!

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