Sunday, September 7, 2008

6th day, more pictures at Grand Hotel

Earlier attempt to post additional photos failed this afternoon, so we are trying again. We just came back from a walk west of the hotel, after a sumpteous 5-course dinner in coat and tie, etc, in the big formal dining room. We are tired but very relaxed and happy, here in our room after such a nice day, a beautiful day!
A few more pictures on our first day at the Grand Hotel! Wow, what a place!

Day 6, our first day at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan

Saturday, we had a comfortable night's stay in a Comfort Inn on the north shore of Lake Michigan, some 90 miles west of St. Ignace. Sunday morning, Sept 7, we organized our belongings, packing what we felt we would need for our 3-day stay on Mackinac Island into two pieces of luggage. We couldn't keep from taking pictures along route 2 toward St Ignace, there were so many beautiful views of Lake Michigan as we drove along. We arrived at the St. Ignace harbor area at about 12:30 pm and easily made our arrangements for the parking of our car and handling of our luggage and tickets for the ferry ride over to the Island. It is such a beautiful day! The sun is shining, a crisp, clean breeze blowing and the sky showing some clear weather clouds. It was just perfect weather for our boat trip over to Mackinac!

We had boarded the Arnold Ferry "Fast Cat" along with a number of other tourists and made a quick trio over the water to this beautiful Island paradise they call Mackinac. We docked and got Linda on a horse drawn carriage for the ride up through the town to the hotel. I walked along the sidewalk, easily keeping pace with the horses.

What a sight this massive hotel is as you approach. Everything is so beautifully cared for. Grounds and gardens and trees, all give it such a majestic setting. It sits quite high on the slop of the Island, facing off toward the southwest if I have my bearings right.

We were helped quickly and cheerfully by our Desk clerk and we were soon in our room (#493). While we do not have a view to the lake it is an altogether lovely room. We feel so fortunate have this chance to stay here and we are looking forward in great anticipation to experiencing the many, many attractions and offerings of the hotel and the Island!