Saturday, July 31, 2010

This is a circular irrigation system in operation on farm land just east of where Jeffery & Kristi reside on the east side of Rexburg. The farmer has attached a powerful rotating spray nozzle on the outward end of the system to apply water to the corners of the field outside the reach of the circular arm.
These remarkable irrigation techniques have made it possible to irrigate crops planted on other than level ground, thus bringing thousands more acreage under cultivation.

All through this part of Idaho we see these giant, circular, above ground irrigation systems, bringing water to thousands and thousands of acres of farm land. I am told by a long time resident of Idaho that they have perfected these systems so they deliver a fine mist that doesn't damage the foliage. I also learned tht it is the water pressure itself that powers these giant, wheeled contraptions. As long as they have an adaquate water sourse being pumped in at the one end it will rotate the equipment over the field. Remarkable!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We had to coax Anna, but she finally sang to us, with some help from her big brother. She may be the most talented member of the family, yet. Like her older siblings, she loves everything about the performing arts.
What a nice evening and what sweet memories for us to tuck away as they leave for their vacation and we prepare to return to Arizona.

We moved from the Family Room to the Piano Room, where Laura treated us to two lovely pieces on the piano. She really has a wonderful touch on the keys!

Camilla also displayed an earlier effort, now framed, where she drew her own rendition of Johnny Depp, featured in Rolling Stone Magazine.
What can you say? She has talent!

Camilla, who plays the guitar beautifully, surprised us with the fact that she has talent and ability in another medium her grandparents didn't even know about! Here she is displaying a pencil sketch. The smaller picture is the original publication. The larger sketch is her rendition of the original. We were impressed to say the least!
But, after all, her grandfather is Edward J. Fraughton, the famed sculpture, so why should we be surprised.

Adele treated us to two solos, sung in spanish, using LDS Hymn book selections. So, beautiful!

Tuesday, Jeffery and family are scheduled to leave for a 3-week vacation to California. So, for Family Home Evening on Monday we had a talent night. Jacob and Liz joined us and the rest of the family for an evening of performance by these talented young people.
Here are Jacob and Liz singing a rousing song (from the Scissor Sisters) called "Take Your Mama." They are so good together. Jacob is self-taught on the guitar. He just picked it up and started playing it a few years ago.

On Sunday, July 25, we enjoyed a visit with Brenda & Kerry Beyeler, who drove from their home in Salmon, Idaho. Brenda (Reed) is one of Linda's life-long friends. They grew up together in the old 4th Ward in Mesa. Their father's worked in the building trade together and served in the ward bishopric together, so their families were very close. They have corresponded over the years, but haven't seen each other for at least 10 years. So, it was very nice to see and visit with them for a few moments.
After introducing them to Jeffery, Kristi and family we took a drive with them to the nearby town of UCon, to the home of Kerry's mother. We enjoyed a delightful hour with dear Sister Beyeler, now a widow, but still living very independantly in her own home and still driving to and from the marketplace in her own car. She is in her 90's.
We are looking forward to going over to Salmon for another visit with Brenda and Kerry before we return to Arizona. Like us, they just completed serving a full-time proselyting mission for the church, serving in their home state of Idaho. Kerry is a retired architect, with many, many commercial, religious and government structures to his credit, scattered over Idaho and the mid-west where they have also lived. They still own a home in Branson, Missouri and go there often.

Friday, July 23, 2010

I managed to get Adele and Linda together for a picture, as they were both in their blue and white on Thursday, July 22, at the Jeffery Chapman home in Rexburg. It has been wonderful to have Adele home from her mission, blessing the lives of her siblings and her parents. She is our oldest grandchild.
A happy grandmother and granddaughter! Both looking beautiful wouldn't you say?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

After the luncheon for the family, held back at the ward meetinghouse, Anita's family gathered for a picture.
She is seated, wearing the red dress and dark scarf. Her only sister, Lawana (in black) is seated next to her and holding her hand. Her daughter Brenda, in red, is seated next to Lawana. Anita's younger brother Laverl and his wife Mary, from Ramah, New Mexico, are standing immediately behind her, in white.
Anita's two sons, Danny and Curtis are in the back row, both white shirts and ties and big smiles. You can be sure that Anita's children and grandchildren will be a great strength to her in the days ahead.

The casket bearers were all Graff's: a son, Curtis (red tie), nephews and grandsons. The littlest grandson, 9 yrs or so, was holding to the handle in the back of the group(not seen). As they walked by me I heard him say, "Grandpa, you are heavy!"
They all loved this man. He had included them all in the work of the family farm. He had been such a part of their personal lives all during their growing up years.

We stayed the night in a nearby hotel and attended funeral services on Monday, July 19, at the American Fork LDS 11th Ward. We felt it was important to be there in behalf of my cousin Anita, whose health has not been good. Her husband Max, 77, was much beloved by his family, friends and fellow church members for so many sterling qualities. It was a very uplifting, inspiring service. They laid his body to rest here in the American Fork City cemetary, next to the graves of his parents. The slopes of Mount Timpanogas can be seen in the distance.

Another look at the Caribou mountain range as we headed down I-15 out of Pocatello.

On Sunday, July 18, after attending Sacrament meeting with our Rexburg family we were on the road again, heading south on US 20 and then I-15 through southeast Idaho and on down through northern Utah to American Fork to the attend the funeral services of Max Graff, my cousin Anita's husband, a victim of pancreatic cancer.
This is a view to the east as you leave Pocatello and drop down into the mining area of Inkam, with the great Caribou mountain range in the distance.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Another photo of the Rexburg Temple, posted on the Internet during the wildfire on INL land north of Idaho Falls on Tuesday, July13. Although it was mid-afternoon it seemed like night.

This is the view of the edge of the huge smoke cloud from the INL wildfire as it covered the western sky above Rexburg.
I took this photo sometime after 4 p.m. Tuesday, from the hill above Jeffery's home, looking off to the southwest

Here is how the sky appeared, looking to the west from Jeffery's backyard in Rexburg. The sun is a red ball, barely visible through the thick, dark clouds of smoke as the INL wildfire continued to rage out of control Tuesday afternoon, July 13.

On Tuesday, July 13, Kristi, Adele, Camilla and Laura headed off to Girl's Camp near Ashton, Idaho. They will return on Friday. A storm warning was in effect, due to high winds with gusts reaching 55 mph. Around 2 p.m. a wildfire erupted on a federally controlled area known as the Idaho National Lab (INL). With the high winds it quickly burned out of control, sweeping over thousands of acres, becoming the largest wildfire in the nation.
At around 4 p.m. we could observe a huge cloud of brownish black smoke almost obliterating the entire western horizon. Jeffery found the above picture of the Rexburg Temple on the Internet as photographers began posting pictures to the world-wide Web. At this time of the day the sun was still high in the sky but it seemed like night was falling.
Officials later said that due to the high winds the fire traveled 39 miles in the first four hours, covering over 109,000 acres or 170 square miles by 11 a.m. Wednesday. It provided quite a sight to the residents of Rexburg.
Jeffery assured us those at Girl's Camp were safe from the blaze, which by Thursday was finally under control, the winds having died down considerably during Wednesday.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sunday, July 11, the newlyweds attended Sacrament meeting at the family's ward to hear Adele speak. She gave such an inspiring talk. Her assigned subject was "Service." She told of a sweet little Chilean woman who lived in the humblest of circumstances, but when there was no one willing to provide shelter for 3 homeless Haitian refugees she immediately offered her home. She spoke with great conviction and with a wonderful spirit of love and committment to the Savior and to her fellow men. What an inspiring meeting! She was followed by another returning missionary, a young elder, who also bore a fervent testimony that touched every heart.
This picture was taken in the parking lot at the church after the meeting. Note the balloons that still fill the back seat of the Jacob and Liz's car. They will be heading down to Salt Lake on Monday to catch a flight for their honymoon trip to Costa Rica!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jacob was wearing a full tuxedo for the ring ceremony that immediately preceded the wedding reception. But, when the ceremony was completed and rings had been exchanged and a Walt Whitman poem recited (both shared in this), music broke out and the happy couple led the way to the dance floor.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Liz and Jacob show off their footwear, which they put on before coming out of the temple to greet their admirers.
The bouquet Liz is holding was prepared by her new mother-in-law, Kristi.

Jacob and Liz, moments after they came out the temple doors to be greeted by family and friends, following their wedding ceremony.
The Sealing ceremony in the Temple took place at approximately 11 a.m., Saturday, June 10.
In this picture, standing behind Liz, is her sister Rebecca and other members of her family, including her mother, Marianna, Marianna's husband (dark beard), and Liz's grandfather, Hans Woolf in the blue sport coat and bow tie.

Friday, June 9, family and close friends in possesion of Temple recommends, were in attendance at an evening endowment session at the Rexburg Temple as Elizabeth "Liz" Whitaker received her own endowments and we were privileged to be present in endowment session with her.
This was a sacred, beautiful and joyous experience for all of us!
As we exited the Temple after the session, I stepped out ahead of the group to take this picture. As you can see, Jeffery promptly instructed everyone to go into "stroll mod."
Left to right, Jacob & Liz, with her father and step-mother, Curt & Mary Whitaker, following behind, and two of Liz's roommates. In front, we have Adele, Jeffery, Kristi and their dear friend Tabby Mayne on the far right.

Strings of lights and strings of multi-colored cloth flags were hung above the cultural hall floor as part of the decoration. Liz's sister, Rebecca "Becca" told me that she and Liz cut each piece of cloth, edged them and sewed them together in these long strings.
As you can see the tables will be covered with multi-colored table clothes.
Kristi and her girls were busy, preparing floral arrangements for each of the tables and for other locations in the hall.
That tall woman in the background with the grey hair is Liz's grandmother Woolf. She and her husband, Hans were there, busily helping, full of good humor and friendliness. It was nice to meet them.

Friday, June 9, beginning at 11 a.m., parents, grandparents, family members and friends of both Liz and Jacob, arrived at the Rexburg 4th Ward chapel on 2nd South, across from the University. The decoration effort for the wedding reception was underway with Liz's mother in charge. It was fun to meet Liz's family, her mother, father, step-mother and her grandparents and other family and friends who came to help.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Adele modeled a native dress worn by the women of Chile.
It is obvious that they love bright and bold colors in their clothing.
Isn't she a beautiful Chilean girl?
Adele is scheduled to speak in her ward Sacrament meeting this Sunday, June 11.
We listened to a portion of a recorded message, sent to Adele's family by her missionary companion, Sister McNiel. She was very, very complimentary of Adele as a missionary and as a person, for her understanding of the gospel and her ability to teach and love the people.
We know from this and many other observations that this dear granddaughter blessed many lives by her devoted service in the Chile Santiago North Mission.
It is so rewarding to see and be with her once again!

A couple of days after her return home, Adele sat the family down and gave each of them a gift she brought from Chile, including some items of clothing, common to the people where she served. She is pointing out a particular marking on the sleeve of this shirt, worn by so many.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Then it was the grandmother's turn to welcome home this dear granddaughter! Home safe, at last. Linda had taken several different trips and extended stays with this family of our oldest son, because they have always lived some distance away from us; too far for frequent contact.
And Adele, being the oldest and the first to serve a mission among our granddaughters, had entered the mission field and served during the time we were serving our mission in Virginia. So, she was always in our prayers as "the other Sister Chapman" out there in the Lord's service. We are so proud of her and so thankful for her sweet, courageous spirit and her great faith in the Lord and her true love for her fellowmen. WELCOME HOME, dear Adele!

Adele, the oldest, taking a good look at Anna, the youngest. "My, how you have grown while I've been gone!"

Adele and Jacob are twins. They are our very first grandchildren. We have seen them from their infancy and often during their growing up years. They have always been the best of friends and truly loved and cared for each other.
It was a very tender moment to see them as they embraced after being apart for these past 18 months.

It got pretty tearful, seeing Adele in the arms of her mother and then her father, once again!
I really couldn't do justice to it with our little camera -- too much happening too fast! Like the fireworks on Saturday night!

Then it happened! There she was, coming through the doors in her missionary attire, looking every inch the LDS sister missionary we knew her to be!
She was immediately seized upon by her 3 younger sisters, screaming and hugging and laughing and crying! They were so happy to have Adele home with them again!

While Anna took the low position, Jacob, with Liz assisting, took the hign position, climbing up on the interior window frame and holding his poster high so Adele might see it before any of her family would come into view.

Anna took a floor position, while waiting nervously for her big sister to finaly walk down the concourse and the down escalator and through those restricted area doors.
Jeffery learned the flight from Salt Lake was actually ahead of shedule by a few minutes, but the time seemed to drag, nevertheless!
Adele had a 9 hour flight from Santiago, Chile to Dallas, Texas, then another long flight from Dallas to Salt Lake. then a layover of 2 hours before the short flight on up to Idaho Falls. It had been a very long night and day coming home.

As the arrival time for Adele's flight from Salt Lake City drew near we joined the other members of the family at the airport terminal on the northwest side of Idaho Falls. The girls and Jacob had prepared some signs to welcome home their sister.
Here is Liz and Jacob displaying one of them and we positioned ourselves in the public waiting area.

Acht! What did I tell you? There is the evidence right before us! Well meaning park patrons, feeding the geese! Too bad, but that is what happens. We can't seem to let wild things stay in their natural habitat.
It was nice to see these magnificant birds up close and personal. I could never get near one in Colorado where they congregate in the winter time, thousands of them. But, you would be lucky to get within 200 yards of those Colorado variety. Off they would fly! Great flyers those Canadian geese!

Canadian geese and other birds and waterfowl inhabit the park area along the west bank of the Snake River, across from the Idaho Falls Temple.
These great birds, usually so ready to take flight to avoid the approach of any human, are, in this park setting, quite docile. They apparently know that some strollers in the park will bring food to scatter about among them.

This is a view further downstream, looking across the upper end of the falls towards the Temple. These falls extends some distance down the river. They, of course, give the city and the temple their name.

Tuesday, July 6, Adele's return from her Mission day!! She was due in at the Idaho Falls airport at 2:40 p.m. Linda and I went down early to do some shopping before time for her plane to arrive. We agreed to meet the other members of the family at the airport.
We found we had some extra time and so we drove down along the Snake River across from the Idaho Falls Temple and took some pictures. It was perfect weather, low 70's. Another beautiful summer day that to us feels much like early spring.

Going back a couple of days to July 3, Jeffery and Kristi had us go with them down to Idaho Falls for the 10 p.m. fireworks show which they said ranks as one of the very best, west of the Mississippi.
We found all the side streets crammed with cars and people by the hundreds, sitting outside along the streets, awaiting the show. We were able to find a parking spot on a little residential lane, north of the highway (US 20) just as the fireworks began.
This, I admit is not my photograph. By the time my little camera went into action my timing was always off. But, we did see quite a brilliant and lengthy (30+ minutes) fireworks show with multiple bursts of rockets of all types. It was a very nice evening. They had patriotic music playing on a radio station that was timed with the fireworks.

Camilla gets a big hug from her dad at the finish line. She and friend Brook weren't the leaders of the pack, but despite some pulled muscles they finished and we were proud of them!

Camilla and Brook, 'bringin it home!'
They are very near the finish line here. I don't want to say that the gentleman in the wheel chair finished ahead of them. Traffic continued along the race course, all very informal. So, cars and non-runner pedestrians were seen on the roadway during the race.
We really enjoyed overhearing the director as he brought his pick-up truck to a point on the race course which was near where Jeffery had parked the family car. The director got out a table from the truck bed and set it up on the roadway. He then began walking along the edge of the pavement, looking down, obviously searching for something. We heard him say to one of his helpers, "I can't find my mark for the finish line. It has always been here, but somebody has messed with the road. I can't see where it is." His helper said, "Well, just make it up." And that is what they did! Cool, uh? No problem!

Here we see the Menan 5 K race director giving final instructions to the participants at the starting line. All ages, types and fitness levels were represented. The director emphasized that this was a fun run, not a competition, but that he would be keeping times at the finish line and each runner was to pull off their stick-on name tag and hand it to an official as they crossed the line and their time would be written down on their name tag. The director also acknowledged that this was by far the greatest number of participants they had ever had at this event and he wasn't prepared with sufficient waviers. So, he said, "Everyone please place your hand on your heart and repeat after me, 'I will not sue the city of Menan for any injuries I receive as a result of participation in this event.' " That brought a few laughs. This was a pretty relaxed, good natured crowd. There were several young men standing at the front of the group to the right of the director, wearing capes. They turned out to be the serious runners. What the capes signified we did not know!
Camilla and Brook are about 3 rows back and towards the right of the picture. I am not sure you can see them.

Monday morning, July 5, we went with the family to the nearby town of Menan, Idaho to see Camilla run in an Independance Day 5 K race.
Here we see her and her friend Brook Lofthouse just before the race began.

July 3.
Father and son, kneeling with a certain degree of humble pride along side the retaining wall of stone they set in place as part of the sprucing up of things at the family home, prior to the big events of the coming week.
Jacob must be given credit with helping his grandfather set the first couple of courses. As he reported in his testimony on his last Sunday in his Singles ward, the proper foundation makes all the difference!

This is the first annual watermelon seed spitting contest, held on the back patio of the Jeffery & Kristi Chapman home in Rexburg, July 3, 2010, during a backyard BBQ. I believe Laura was the winner for distance and Liz may have won for accuracy!
Starting at the far end and coming forward, we have contestants, Camilla, Becca (Liz's sister), Liz, Jacob, Laura and Anna.

Here is a front view of the Rexburg Temple, as we see it when coming from Jeffery & Kristi's home on the east side of town.

This Independance Day parade (held the day before the 4th because of it falling on the Sabbath Day this year) attracts a great crowd of people from Rexburg and the surrounding farming communities of Madison County. The parade is very old-style, with lots of entries by businesses, families, horse owners, old car owners, ancient tractors that are still operational, and beautiful old fire engines.
From almost every entry there is a rain of candy being thrown toward the parade watchers. Little children along the parade route scramble to grab up the candy as each entry goes by. It is a noisy, good time!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Here is the Rexburg family, seated comfortably alongside the Parade route.
From left to right: Jeffery, Kristi, Camilla and Laura with their heads turned toward something far more interesting than their old grandpa, Anna, then Liz next to Jacob, and Liz's sister Rebecca, dark, short hair and sun glasses.