Friday, January 14, 2011

And the snow keeps coming!
This was really a three-day celebration. Jeffery & Kristi joined us for dinner in Linda's honor, Tuesday evening, Jan 11, at the new Chinese restaurant, called Ying Yang's, that opened in Rexburg this last June. It was a most enjoyable meal and a fun time together!

Yesterday, Thurs, Jan 13, Terry took her for some shopping at a big mall in Idaho Falls.

This picture was taken just before we left for that outing in Idaho Falls yesterday.

Of all the gifts, flowers and good wishes she received, those which touched her heart the most were the expressions of love she received in person, or by email, letter and phone calls from her dear children and family. It really was a special day!

Without a doubt, the highlight of the birthday party was the singing of an original song, penned and performed that very evening by Jacob, Camilla and Laura. I believe it is entitled, "Your Gorgeous, All Natural Hair."
Some of it goes like this:
"Oh, Grandma dear, we love you so,
You make us feel so very good.
Oh, Grandma dear, we love you so, And your gorgeous, all natural hair.
Your eyes they shine with the grace of the very best and spacious jewels of Queen Elizabeth's crown.
Well, 70 is really fun, but we hope you make it to 71!"

Of course, before Linda would be allowed to blow out her "70" candles, she received a serenade of melodious Chapman voices in all possible tones, moods and harmonies - can you believe it?
On the far right, seated on the couch, is Melissa Whittaker, Liz's younger sister. The rest of this happy crew should all be immediately recognizable.

Jeffery & Kristi's dining room table started looking like a flower shop as flowers continued to arrive, in honor of Linda's birthday.
The beautiful bouquet on the left was placed inside the front door while no one was home. The card bore a sweet message to their mom from Rebecca and Ann in Arizona.
The 24 roses in the center vase came by express mail with a birthday greeting from the Amy & Gary Funk family in Mesa.
(The lonely little white rose is from Linda's husband, Terry)

January 12 is Linda's birthday. The flowers, cards and emails started early and just kept coming all day long.
Kristi baked and decorated a delicious chocolate cake. She and Jeffery adorned the living room with banners and balloons. The beautiful roses you see in this picture are from the Jeffery Chapman family.
After breakfast with her husband at Frontier Pies, Linda enjoyed three hours of personal grooming treatments at the Evans Beauty Academy, followed by an early dinner at Wingers and a big party with all of the Rexburg family that evening.

New Year's Day in Idaho!
This is a view to the north, from the front yard of Jeffery and Kristi's home on Hidden Valley Road on the east side of Rexburg.
The snow just keeps coming!

Right after the new year, Adele and Daniel stopped in for a brief visit and we noticed that Adele and her mother, Kristi, had each chosen similar wearing appearal for the day, without consulting each other. So, we insisted on a picture.
After the wedding they only took a short three-day honeymoon to Salt Lake as Daniel had to be back at school/work that next Monday, here in Rexburg, even though it was the holidays. They are comfortably settled in, already, in their two-bedroom apartment on the west side of town.