Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nov 27, 2008, Thanksgiving Day

Linda was not feeling at all well this Thanksgiving morning and had to stay in, but I was able to be present at the gathering of the Burnham family, out at the Irene and Don Carpenter home on Ray Road in Gilbert.
Our dear mother Lucille Burnham, 87 yrs, is seated near the end of the table. She resides in her own home which is on the same property.
Over 80 family members were in attendance. Lots of great food, with turkey and all the trimmings. The weather treated us so good, after some light morning rain. It was so fresh, cool and mostly sunny. An ideal Thanksgiving Day!

The reason the old guys lost was because of catches like this by Scott. This was a touchdown catch!

Bigger, stronger, faster and better hands! How do you beat that?

You can see Russell and another Elder closing in on Scott as he is about to launch a pass! Scott said that his dad was talking a lot of "smack," but he stayed cool.

Thanksgiving morning, Russell (in forground) and his oldest son, Scott, who plays on the Highland Varsity football team (not shown in this picture) participated in their Ward's annual Turkey Bowl game.

It was the young men against the older men. Age and experience against speed and energy - yeah, you are right, Scott and the young guys took it! Everyone had fun.

Thanksgiving Day dawned with a light rain, cool fresh breezes and then broken clouds, cool temperatures and sunshine. A perfectly beautiful Fall day here in Arizona!

A great many people were out early for traditional activities like football and running.

This is our daughter Elizabeth Dalton and a good friend, running the track at Highland High School in Gilbert. They started at 7 a.m. and ran until 9, a total of 41 laps - over 10 miles! Way to go Elizabeth! We are proud of you.

The rains came to the Valley, starting on Tuesday, Nov 25. We love the rain here in the desert.

This picture was near sundown, looking out from Emalie's window (our temporary bedroom) at a beautiful rainbow after the rain.

Two nights ago, long after dark, I went out to the back yard, here at the LeSueur home, and what do I find? Garrett and his little sister, Kacey both swimming in the pool! They would go get in the warm hot tub on the east side of the yard and then jump out and run over and dive into the swimming pool!

I felt the water. It had to be in the 50 degree range! Cooold! Kids! Can you believe it?