Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 44, Wed, Oct 15, Indianapolis, IN to Bloomington, IL

The further we went westward across Illinois from Indiana, the more the countryside began to look like driving down a Chandler, Arizona farm road (in the old days at least) with mile after mile of land under cultivation.
We have seen a lot of corn fields today. The stalks are all dried and ready to be cut down.
This picture was taken on US 136, west of the town of Rantoul, Illinois.

When we tried to take a photo of the Indianapolis downtown skyline while we motored along through the city our tiny digital camera wouldn't function. We thought we would have no pictures to make record of our day's travels. But, later just for the heck of it we tried again, and presto! It worked!

So, here is another of only three photos taken today as we passed through all the little villages and towns on US 136 between Indianapolis, Indiana and Bloomington, Illinois.

It is great therapy for the modern man and woman, getting off the "fast lane" of every day life and taking the "road less traveled" as we have expressed before, but which we say once more.

This drive today was so pleasant. The scenes weren't as breathtaking and spectacular as some we've had but beautiful and very refreshing none the less. Driving at speeds well below 50 mph (30 mph through most townships) with time to actually see the countryside and the houses and small businesses; the old historic buildings and the quiet, modest middle American homes, so many decorated for Halloween and the Autumn season was just a delight.

This morning we checked out of our lodgings in Greenfield, a community on the east side of Indianapolis, and kept to the Interstate until we got on the west side of the big city. Then, to Linda's immense relief we hopped onto US 136. This is a quiet 2-lane road through the countryside, going from one little farming community to another, like this village of Hillsboro.

We stopped and turned around so we could take a photo of the interesting statement on the sign welcoming travelers to their little town. This is truly middle America!