Sunday, May 15, 2011

Friday morning, May 6, we loaded our car with those things stored with Sue and Elmer last June, and said our goodbyes to this dear couple who have become such close friends. They have treated us with such kindness. Our visit to Virginia was much more than we could have hoped. We made last minute visits to Gloria Craig at her home in Bedford, and to Floyd Hille at the rest home. We couldn't get around to see others who we missed on Sunday. We had to make some phone calls.
Our first day's journey took us back to the Atlantic sea coast, staying the night in Chesapeake. We wanted to make our way down the coast and through the deep south before returning home.
This picture was taken of the beach front at Wilmington, North Carolina where we stayed Saturday and Sunday nights. We were blessed to attend Sacrament meeting in the Wilmington 2nd Ward Sunday morning.
The Raleigh Temple is one of the smaller, but most beautiful of the newer temples built by the church; bringing the blessings of the temple closer to the members.
It takes a full day for church members in the Roanoke Virginia Stake to attend either the Raleigh or the Washington DC temple.
On Wednesday, the day following our return from Williamsburg and Jamestown, a group from the Bedford Branch journied down to the Raliegh North Carolina Temple and participated in performing baptisms for the dead. Several of these were brand new members making their first visit to the temple.
It was a delight to be with them on this special day.
Elmer and Sue visit with the Jamestown blacksmith, who was busy, making a knifeblade for use in skinning and cutting up wild game.
At Jamestown, the visitor gets to walk about this re-creation of the original Jamestown settlement with its houses, church, shops and fortress. Here, as in Colonial Williamsburg, persons dressed in period costume, going about their various tasks, give a feeling of actually being back in time with these courageous, earliest colonists.
Part of the Jamestown experience for visitors is to see and climb about on these replicas of the sea going vessels that carried Jamestown settlers from England to these shores of the new world.
From Colonial Williamsburg and the William and Mary campus, we visited America's first colonial settlement, Jamestown, located on the shores of the James River where it empties into the Atlantic Ocean.
This is a representation of the type of dwellings of the native Indians of that time and place (1600's).
Fast friends, Jefferson and Chapman, taking a break from their studies
Elmer and Sue escorted us from Colonial Williamsburg onto the nearby campus of William & Mary University. We were able to enter several of the buildings, like this one, where they labored over their sudies so many years ago.