Friday, July 2, 2010

Surely, for us the highlight of this memorable weekend with our family was to be together at our Mesa Vineyard Ward Sacrament meeting on Sunday morning, June 27. Kay Chapman drove up just as we did and we received her warm greeting and welcome home! Then, as we entered the building we were greeted by many of our ward members we hadn't seen in many months, and by members of our family as they entered. My brother Clark and his wife Connie came in. It was so good to see them there. From our place on the stand we saw the overflow fill and the doors being opened into the cultural hall and more chairs being set up. While the meeting go underway the hall filled almost to capacity back to the stage. As Linda said, when she addressed the congregation, it looked like a Stake Conference instead of a ward Sacrament meeting. Several of Linda's brothers and sisters and their families, and her dear mother, Lucille Burnham (88 yrs) were in attendance.
We love our ward family. We love our own dear family and all the members of our extended family, loved ones and friends. Our emotions were running high! It was a blessed meeting and a blessed day! We shall always be grateful how it all came together, like a miracle it seemed to us!
This picture was taken outside the chapel after the meeting. We asked Linda's brother Robert if he would take our tiny camera and take a picture of our family. He told us later that he didn't have his glasses and he wasn't even sure what he was seeing when he took this and one other picture for us. Both of them came out marvelous!

While most of us oldsters were content to sit and visit, the younger set made a beeline for the pool. It was a hot day in the Valley with temperatures in the triple digits, so the pool was the perfect place! They really did enjoy themselves. They could swim a little, come in and eat a bite of food, go back and swim, get out and play games with the adults, go back and swim ... what a perfect place Gary and Amy had made available for us at their housing complex!

During our time together on Saturday and Sunday, June 26-27, we were entertained by spontaneous performances from Jacob and Liz with drama and song, Camilla on guitar, Ross Willis on guitar and song, and these two favorites, Jeff & Kristi, called upon to sing "You Are My Friend."
What fun!

Claudia in the pink dress (John & Rebecca's little girl) playing with the balloon, with her older cousin, Anna (Jeff & Kristi's youngest), while the family were all relaxing during our Saturday afternoon get-together.
Jacob and Liz are in the behind the couch, looking on.
Left to right on the couch, you can see Camilla (Jeff & Kristi's 2nd daughter), Breann (Kelly's oldest), Laura (Jeff & Kristi's 3rd daughter), Avery in her swimming suit, just in from the pool (David & Meredith's oldest daughter), seated on the couch on the right is Amy, then Alexis, Rebecca & Randy's 2nd daughter) Rebecca seated behind her daughter), Emalie (Melissa & Russell's oldest daughter) seated next to Alexis, theBrookelyn (Rebecca & Randy's oldest), on the floor, now married to Ross Willis (not in the picture), and the grandma looking on.

Some of the men and boys of the family, hanging out with all of us at the club house on Saturday, June 26.
Left to right, Scott LeSueur(Melissa's oldest boy), Gary Funk (Amy's husband), Dallin (Gary & Amy's oldest), a friend of Dallin in blue shirt, and Nathan (Dallin's younger brother).