Monday, October 5, 2009

Last Thursday morning Elder's Fullmer and Hart completed an exchange with Vinton Elders, Elder Shill (on the far right) and Elder Boling (on the far left).

On these exchanges between areas of the District where they are many miles apart, we try to help with transportation so the missionaries can save miles on their mission vehicles.

We met up with them at a pre-arranged point on the Blue Ridge Parkway, approximately 22 miles out of Bedford. Before transporting Elder Fullmer and Elder Hart back to their apartment in Bedford, I took this picture, as this is the last time we may see or be with Elder Shill as he has learned that he will be transfered to another assignment this coming Wednesday. He doesn't know what that assignment is, as yet. And we don't know who will be coming to be Elder Boling's companion. That is the way it is in the mission field.

We will miss Elder Shill. He has been a most exemplary young elder, full of love and devotion to the work. We love these missionaries!

Our weather remains very moderate, here below the Blue Ridge in this part of Virginia. Even though we are in the first days of October there is little or no color change yet in the hardwoods. As you can see all is green, just like summer. The lowest temperature we have seen on our out-door thermometer has been 38 degrees.

This is the view looking north as we approach our neighbor's home on Hopes Way.