Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 30, Wed, Oct 1, Freeport to Wells, Maine

This was a rainy, overcast day on the coast of Maine where we traveled from Freeport down to Portland and out onto Cape Elizabeth where this shot was taken.

We had a wonderful day. Linda perservered, despite continuing pain in her knee. She wanted to get out of the car when we got to these places along the coastline. She loves the ocean so much! She was able to walk about some at the Portland Head Light and visit the gift shop there.

We didn't get very far today. we took our time because of so many beautiful sights. We drove through the famous summer seaside resort of Orchard Beach, south of Portland and took lunch at a popular restaurant called Ken's Place, where we orderd a big fish platter with fries and cole slaw. Very good.

We finally took a suite of rooms at a place called Village By The Sea, a condominium resort in Wells, Maine. We used our coupon book and got such a deal we plan to be here for the next 5 nights! There are two bedrooms, two baths, a full living area, dining area, full kitchen, laundry and covered porch on a slope with views to the sea; all within 10 minutes of the seaside town of Kennebunkport where the Bush family have their home (we haven't been invited over yet. They may not know we've arrived in town).

We plan to let Linda rest as much as possible and do some short day trips to surrounding sights (like Dover and Derry, NH where I served as a missionary) and stay here through the Conference weekend. So catch a flight to Boston or Portland and drop in. We can put you up in the spare bedroom. We'll treat you right. I've even purchased groceries to do a roast beef dinner for Sunday!

Here is another "modest little cottage," in the same residential area as the other one featured below, sitting close to the shoreline on Cape Elizabeth near Portland, Maine.

Note the stone steps leading around to the backside of the house as well as the entrance steps. We would need an elevator at the garage level to make this one work. Oh, and maybe a little bigger bank account!

It is free to look though. That is the fun of it.

After leaving the Portland Head Lamp we drove through a high-rent district just up the road going toward Portland.

This is one of scores of elegant homes that sit on shoreline property. This is all one house on several acres of ground.

This home caught Linda's eye and she asked for a picture. It is for sale. She thinks we should buy it and move here! ( Of course, she has said that now, about 50 or more times, from the woods of Minnesota all across Michigan, New York and New England).

It sits a short distance back from the coastline on Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

This is the famous Portland Head Lamp. It is just a short distance up the shore from the Two Lights on Cape Elizabeth. It is one of the most photographed of all the lighthouses that dot the coast of Maine. It has survived many a violent North Atlantic storm.

We visited here on our previous trip to New England. It was great to come and see it again!

Visitors can also tour Fort Williams at this same location. It was once an important military installation, now open to the public. So, Ann and Steve should come and vacation here. I'm sure this must be named for one of his ancesters.

This very brave woman with a very painful knee, climbed up this rocky rise from the parking lot at Cape Elizabeth's Two Lights (only one of which is visible in the background).

This was our first stop on this overcast and rainy Wednesday, after leaving our hotel in Freeport. We wanted to come here to this part of the coast near Portland, Maine because we visited here during our 35th Wedding Anniversary trip ll years ago. Our good friend in the Princess Park Ward, Mary Ann Garner, arranged for her sister who lives in Portland, to give us lodging and show us some of the sights along the coast. This was one of those places.