Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yes, there just below us is a friendly Texas alligator, awaiting his breakfast. We took this picture as we walked along the elevated walkway that extends out into this swampland from the Texas Visitor's Center located east of Beaumont on US90 at the Louisiana border. We also saw some turtles moving about and a number of water fowl.
Saturday, May 14, we stopped at a very nice Visitor's Center as we crossed the border into Texas on US 90. This Visitor's Center is built on the edge of a large swamp. Walkways extend out into the swamp for considerable distance to give visitors the opportunity of getting a close-up view of the habitat and wild creatures that dwell in these plant-filled waters.

Just to make it clear, the fellow in the white T-shirt is a tourist, not a swamp creature.
Saturday morning, May 14, traveling west along US 90 from Morgan City, Louisiana, we noticed we were more and more in open farming country as we approached the Texas border. In fact, I remarked to Linda as we drove along that it seemed like we were on one of the farm roads outside Chandler, Arizona, it looked so similar.
Friday, May 13, we stopped for the night in Morgan City, Louisiana. Before our arrival in Morgan City, we stopped at one of the many cemeteries to take this picture. Here, in this part of the country the ground water is so close to the surface that the dead are buried above ground.
While driving about in the lovely town of Thibodaux, Louisiana, Linda asked if I would inquire at a famous Bed and Breakfast inn to find out what it cost and get a look inside. I was warmly greeted by the owner and his wife. They were happy to escort me about the rooms, even taking me upstairs for a look at the Presidential Suite. It was sort of overwhelming, like being in a palace. One night's stay in this place can run well over $500. We thanked them kindly and continued on our way.
On Friday, May 13, as we continued west across Louisiana, we took a short side trip through historic Thibodaux. This is typical of the homes you see in this lovely community.
The old neighborhoods of these Southern communities are lined with magnificent trees, lives oaks and other varieties we cannot identify but only admire. This was taken as we were trying to find our way out of New Orleans. Perhaps you can see the old trolley car approaching on the far side of the median.
Friday, May 13, we also missed another turn-off as we traveled near the gulf, but it gave us the opportunity of stopping at Visitor's Center near a freeway interchange to re-chart our course. While there, Linda walked among the flowering plants and foliage that surround the center. She loved seeing another Magnolia tree up close and wanted to smell the blossoms.