Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jan 5, 2009, Monday, Arrival at Provo MTC

The cold and snow doesn't bother Sister Linda Chapman. Everything about the Missionary Training Center is so special, who can complain about a beautiful snow fall on the day of our arrival, Monday, Jan 5.
Not long after this picture was taken (3:00 p.m.) it started to snow again and continued snowing until long after nightfall. To us it looked like at least 10 new inches of snow. It made it kind of interesting to unload our things from the car and get them to our room. What fun!

A view from our hotel window of Mt. Timpanogus and the snow covered Wasatch front, looking north in Provo, Utah. It went down to 2 degrees on our arrival Sunday, Jan 4. It warmed to 18 degrees when we checked in at the MTC Monday morning. Brrrrr!