Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We had to coax Anna, but she finally sang to us, with some help from her big brother. She may be the most talented member of the family, yet. Like her older siblings, she loves everything about the performing arts.
What a nice evening and what sweet memories for us to tuck away as they leave for their vacation and we prepare to return to Arizona.

We moved from the Family Room to the Piano Room, where Laura treated us to two lovely pieces on the piano. She really has a wonderful touch on the keys!

Camilla also displayed an earlier effort, now framed, where she drew her own rendition of Johnny Depp, featured in Rolling Stone Magazine.
What can you say? She has talent!

Camilla, who plays the guitar beautifully, surprised us with the fact that she has talent and ability in another medium her grandparents didn't even know about! Here she is displaying a pencil sketch. The smaller picture is the original publication. The larger sketch is her rendition of the original. We were impressed to say the least!
But, after all, her grandfather is Edward J. Fraughton, the famed sculpture, so why should we be surprised.

Adele treated us to two solos, sung in spanish, using LDS Hymn book selections. So, beautiful!

Tuesday, Jeffery and family are scheduled to leave for a 3-week vacation to California. So, for Family Home Evening on Monday we had a talent night. Jacob and Liz joined us and the rest of the family for an evening of performance by these talented young people.
Here are Jacob and Liz singing a rousing song (from the Scissor Sisters) called "Take Your Mama." They are so good together. Jacob is self-taught on the guitar. He just picked it up and started playing it a few years ago.

On Sunday, July 25, we enjoyed a visit with Brenda & Kerry Beyeler, who drove from their home in Salmon, Idaho. Brenda (Reed) is one of Linda's life-long friends. They grew up together in the old 4th Ward in Mesa. Their father's worked in the building trade together and served in the ward bishopric together, so their families were very close. They have corresponded over the years, but haven't seen each other for at least 10 years. So, it was very nice to see and visit with them for a few moments.
After introducing them to Jeffery, Kristi and family we took a drive with them to the nearby town of UCon, to the home of Kerry's mother. We enjoyed a delightful hour with dear Sister Beyeler, now a widow, but still living very independantly in her own home and still driving to and from the marketplace in her own car. She is in her 90's.
We are looking forward to going over to Salmon for another visit with Brenda and Kerry before we return to Arizona. Like us, they just completed serving a full-time proselyting mission for the church, serving in their home state of Idaho. Kerry is a retired architect, with many, many commercial, religious and government structures to his credit, scattered over Idaho and the mid-west where they have also lived. They still own a home in Branson, Missouri and go there often.