Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On Wednesday, August 4, we went to Murray to the home of Linda's cousin, Lorraine Smith and husband Larry. They are caregivers to Linda's dear Aunt Irene Hatch, age 104.
It was so good to see and visit with this dear woman once again. She is an inspiration! She remembered both of us. She is the oldest of three remaining offspring of Issac & Myra Rogers. Linda's mother, Lucille Burnham, 88 yrs, residing in Gilbert, Arizona, and her Uncle Francis, 86 yrs, residing in Oregon.
We asked Aunt Irene how she had been able to live to such an age. She said, "Good genes!" I believe it!

Greg & Laurie insisted on feeding us supper, cooking hamburgers on the grill, along with all the fixings.
Here we are on the back patio with the chef and two of his grandsons, and their handsome dog, "Rocky."

On Tuesday, August 3, after an overnight stop at Jeffery & Kristi's in Rexburg, we loaded up the car, said goodbye to Jacob & Liz who came to see us off, and took the road toward Salt Lake. This would be the first leg of our journey back to Arizona.
We stopped in Bountiful for a short but very enjoyable visit with my cousin, Gregory Chapman and his wife Laurie. Greg and I are the same age. We entered the mission field at the same time. He went to beautiful, warm Hawaii. I went to beautiful, cold northern Maine. It was great to finally visit them in their lovely home, located not far from the Bountiful Temple, up on the east bench.