Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The nice thing about taking pictures here, where we live, is helped by there not being many man-made features to get in the way of the earth, trees and sky.

This is toward evening with the setting sun's rays creating these colors in the clouds to the north and east. Taken from the rear deck of the home on Hopes Way.

A view to the north on one of the many fair days of summer. This is from the bedroom window, looking off toward the Schutte home and the Blue Ridge Mountains in the far distance.

A rapidly developing summer storm. The kind Linda lives for. It came out of the southwest and brought down sheets of rain for a time. While it lasted it sure was fun!

An old red barn, on the grounds of the Burwell home. It may have sheltered the horses of some of the Union and Confederate troops who stopped here during the Civil War.

The Burwell home, a Civil War Trails Historic site,in an old neighborhood of Bedford, known as Avenel.
In June of 1863, in the midst of the Civil War, Union cavalry under the command of General David Hunter raided through this part of Virginia and stopped for the night here at the Burwell home. Later, as Hunter continued his raid into Lynchburg to the east of Bedford, he was repulsed by Confederated forces led by
General Early, who also stopped here with his men during the pursuit.

General Robert E. Lee and his wife also lodged here at the Burwell home while on a visit to Bedford (then known as Liberty, Virginia), so it is an historic landmark.

On Hopes Way, walking back toward our residence as the sun shines through the morning mist.