Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Too much rain can be near-fatal to a boy from the Arizona desert!

"Look, grandma, someboy shrunk grandpa!!"

Actually, this is not trick photography. This is a huge chair inside the mall at a favorite tourist spot in Franklin, called the "Factory at Franklin." It is a collection of specialty shops and eateries, built inside an old stove manufacturing factory and warehouse.

Linda got a huge kick out of taking this picture for some reason.

Another lovely country home we passed by on the road back into Franklin from Leiper's Fork, Tuesday morning.

As we drove down these country roads near Franklin we just shook our heads in admiration for the beautiful estates, lovely homes and well-kept farms that exist in this part of Tennessee.

Linda, said, "If that house was for sale, you would have to buy it for me!"

Oh, yeah!

Here, in historic Leiper's Fork, being old and worn is not considered a negative. This old jalopy sits proudly in front of the town's busiest restaurant, right next to the out-door smoker (not shown).

An outdoor bowery, next to a Leiper's Fork eatery, vacant at the time we were there on a Tuesday morning, but obviously jammed with patrons in the evenings.
After a final visit to the Carnton Plantation we drove west and south of Franklin approximately 8 miles to a favorite tourist location, frequented both by out-of-towners and locals. It is a tiny town known as Leiper's Fork. Several of the residences and old business locations have been converted into eateries, antique shops, etc., all in the rustic style; this wood carver's place being an example.

The tree-lined avenue leading to the Carnton Plantation.

This is one of many lovely residential neighborhoods that exist in the area of Franklin, Tennessee. We regard this community as one of the most beautiful we have visited in our travels, both in the historic downtown and in the surrounding countryside.

If you are in Tennessee, you will find Franklin a very rewarding, refreshing place to tour.

Another beautiful home near the Carnton Plantation, south of Franklin.

Before leaving the area of Franklin, TN this morning, Tuesday, April 26, we drove back out to the Carnton Plantation so Linda could see the McGavock home and the nearby Confederate Cemetary.

During that drive down the tree-lined lane leading to the plantation we couldn't help but stop and take pictures of some of the beautiful homes.