Sunday, September 21, 2008

After attending Sacrament Meeting with the Pittsfield Saints we journied north from western Mass on Route 7 into southern Vermont's beautiful Green Mountain region. As we drove through Bennington, Vermont we noticed this very large and impressive stone monument on a hill off to the west of the highway. It took us a little while to locate the right roadway, but it was surely worth it. This is a most fantastic piece of work. It was contructed to pay honor to the soldiers of Vermont and New Hampshire who successfully prevailed against the British in the famous battle of Bennigton during the Revolutionary War. It stands over 380 feet tall, made of massive blocks of Vermont granite.

We checked out of our hotel in Lenox, Mass and drove about 4 miles to this lovely LDS chapel which houses the Pittsfield Ward and attended their 10 am Sacrament Meeting. It happened to be their Ward Conference. We were much pleased by the good feeling and sweet spirit evident in the conduct of the meeting by the Bishop, the passing of the Sacrament by the Aaronic priesthood, the congregational singing of sacred hymns of Zion and the inspirational words and counsel provided by both the Bishop and the Stake President. We were greeted at the door by two young missionaries who serve in the Massachusetts Boston Mission. It always warms our hearts to see these young elders and to speak with them however briefly.

I talked Linda into posing in front of the Church before we departed.