Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 11, Friday, 9/12, Cleveland, OH

Not a good picture, taken on the fly as we motored through Cleveland on I-90. Our trip through and around both Detroit and Cleveland was a little complicated both due to our unfamiliarity with the highways and the unexpected detours we had to take because of construction and closures, but we made it to a Radisson Hotel on the east side of Cleveland and settled in to a nice, clean and comfortable room where we plan to stay for two nights, so we can attend the nearest ward on Sunday, before we continue on towards Erie, PA and upstate New York.

An older farm home, typical of so many that we saw as we drove through the countryside east of Toledo, Ohio, going tward Sandusky and Cleveland

Day 11, Friday, 9/12, St. Clair, Mich to Cleveland, OH

Large shipping pasing right by our room overlooking the large St. Clair river that flows from Lake St. Clair into Lake Huron.
The opposite bank seen beyond this big cargo ship is Ontario, Canada.

More pictures taken while on Mackinac Island

Just one examble of the many beautiful old homes on Mackinac Island and the care taken with yards, trees and flowers. This house is on one of the residential streets of the village, down the hill from the Grand Hotel.

A view from the north side of Mackinac at about mile post 4, during Terry's walk around. The waters of Lake Huron seem much calmer on the north side. It was such a day! Very few persons walking, but many, many on bicycles, some young and many older couples, riding along together, taking in the scenery with no cars to bother them, only other bicyclists or occasional horse drawn carriage.

A view out to Lake Huron from the western side of Mackinac Island, taken during Terry's walk around

This cannon is positioned at the point on the west side of Mackinac Island where British soldiers and Iroquois Indians landed and captured the fort in the early days of the war of 1812.

Another view of the Grand Hotel with one of the many horse drawn carriages waiting to take on passengers

Day 11, still more pictures from Mackinac and lower Michigan

Day 11,more pictures from Mackinac and Michigan

The Arnold Ferry dock at St. Ignace, Michigan, showing the big catamaran that would take us to Mackinac Island

The light that marks the channel or straits between Mackinac Island and the small Island (Round Island) to the south (not in the picture, but very close by)
A view from the Grand Hotel looking at the Mackinac Straits with the Mackinac Bridge showing in the distance.
A couple more photos taken from the south shore of Mackinac Island during one of our walks. This one shows the old light house off the point of Round Island to the south.