Tuesday, November 23, 2010

After our visit to the Willis farm, selecting our pumpkins and seeing Brookelyn who was helping out with pumpkins sales as a member of the Willis family, (She is married to Ross Willis), Rebecca and Melissa and children joined us for lunch at a local Mexican restaurant in downtown Snowflake. Then they went with us to see the home we are interested in purchasing, west of town near Temple Hill. If you look closely you can see the Snowflake LDS Temple in the distance, beyond the house.
As you can see this home is unoccupied and its yard uncared for, but it is a very nice home at a good price and in a very nice location. We will see what happens.

Notice the pumpkin in flight, a hundred yards or more down range from the catapult.
The Willis family have a scarecrow in place as a target. You can see broken pumpkins littering the ground, but the scarecrow was standing tall, without a direct hit while we were there.

Rebecca looks on as a couple of young men load a large pumpkin in the Willis catapult

Well, you can see that we couldn't decide on just which pumpkin was best, so we got as many as we could load on the wheel barrow. It was fun to be there with Melissa and two of her children, Garrett and Kacey, and with Rebecca and her youngest, Rhett (cap on backwards).
While we picked out pumpkins the boys enjoyed firing off the giant pumpkin throwing machines the Willis family had set up for their customers. they had a good time!

Before returning back to the Valley, we drove to Snowflake to hunt for pumpkins in the Willis family pumkin patch.
Kacey, Melissa's youngest, found one she likes. It was so big I went and found a wheel barrow to carry it in.

I have totally failed in all my efforts to take any action pictures of our grandson, Rathen, as he performs in his role as quarterback of his Show Low football team. Me and my little camera are not up to the task, everything is in such rapid motion.
But, we do call your attention to the members of the Show Low cheer squad as they perform during half-time at the Blue Ridge game. Rathen's younger sister, Alexis, is a member of the squad. She is one of the flyers. You recognize her don't you? She is the prettiest one there.
We are very proud of Alexis for her accomplishments in school this year.

There is our favorite football coach, our son-in-law Randy Ricedorff, Rebecca's husband, walking back toward the sidelines after conferring with his team one last time before the start of the Show Low/Blue Ridge game. We love this man for his integrity and his firm committment in building character into his players as they compete in high school athletics.
Win or lose, he is a winner!

Here are three of our all-time favorite people in all the world, our daughter's Melissa and Rebecca, with Brookelyn, a married granddaughter, sandwiched in between.
They are all bundled up in winter clothing and very excited, sitting in the stands before the beginning of the "greatest rivalry game in Arizona High School football;" the Show Low Cougars vs the Blue Ridge (Lakeside/Pinetop) Yellow Jackets. This was near the end of this year's regular season, held at the Blue Ridge football stadium in Lakeside on a very cold night. It was a thrilling game with Show Low going out in front, early, but Blue Ridge came back like they often do, and won it in the 2nd half. So, Show Low will have to play them again in the State Championship if they want to be "Kings on the Mountain."

The coast of California has it's special beauty, but it is always good to be back on the open road in the State we love the best, Arizona!
This was taken as we traveled east on US 60 on one of our many trips from Mesa to Show Low.
Picket Post Mountain, a favorite landmark, comes in view as we near Superior, Miami and Globe.