Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just to the east of the Bedford Branch chapel on Longwood Street, this row of trees have begun to put our their Springtime blossoms. All over this part of Virginia the trees are starting to but out! We are excited to see the change that Spring and Summer will bring to the Virginia landscape.

We gathered at the church last night for a fund raiser dinner and auction for the Young Women of the Branch, so they will have money to go to their annual camp this summer. It was a very enjoyable evening with a good turn-out that filled our tiny cultural hall. There was an Italian theme, "The Ides of March," and so we had pasta and salads. And then we got to bid on cakes and pies and other homemad desserts. We ended up taking home a huge pan of chocolate brownies, smothered in dark chocolate frosting!, a Lemon bunt cake, and a huge homemade apple pie! So, now we have to do our best to eat it all ! Come on down and help us!

Whenever Linda see the number 11 11, she always brings it to my attention. She has this interest in number combinations (don't ask me to explain it. It is one of the mysteries of life). So, while we are out in Montvale, Virginia, looking for one of our members, she sees this house with the street number displayed to the right of the front steps.

No, the house is level, but the street is on a slop and I didn't correct the angle when I took the picture from the car window. (We have our limitations!)