Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This scene is typical of the journey north from Show Low, through Snow Flake and on toward Holbrook. You leave the pine country of the rim and enter the plateau lands of northern Arizona woth their vast open vistas, little vegetation and much of sand, red rock and sky.
I love it all!

Here is the man and boy, Steve and son Josh. Steve serves as Bishop of the Linden Ward. It is his ward area that is in view in the valley below this hill.
We really appreciated him taking us on this ride and getting this marvelous view at sunset as we made this short, overnight stop to see them again before continuing on toward Idaho, Tuesday, June 29.
What a nice evening!

While stopped atop the mountain, enjoying the sunset and a view of the Linden Valley, I took some quick snapshots.
Here are Ann and daughter Gracie. They are becoming country girls. They motor about on their quads; they feed the horses and the cows; they live in the openess of the high rim country on the edge of the White Mountains of eastern Arizona. This is a land rich in heritage through Ann's paternal grandparents. They have grown to love it and the people who dwell here.