Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 38, Thurs, Oct 9, Southington, Conn to Allentown, PA

This is typical of a scene we see so often in our travel down the more rural roads of this part of the country; roadside markets and garden supply stores, displaying their Fall harvest of pumpkins.

This garden store in a small place called Bushkill Falls on US 209, PA.

Another view of the Delaware River, looking upstream, again from the Pennsylvannia to the New Jersey shore near Dingman's Ferry.

This is approximately 80 miles north of the place on the Delaware where General George Washington made his famous crossing near Trenton, NJ, taking the British and Hession troops by surprise, during the Revolutionary War.

This is the Delaware River, the dividing line between Pennsylvannia and the adjoining states of New Jersey and New York.
This picture is a view of the New Jersey shore from the Pennsylvannia shore a few miles south of Milford, PA on US 209, near a place called Dingmans Ferry.
We got off I-84 as we crossed over the Delaware River, much to Linda's happiness. It is so much more enjoyable to journey down America's less traveled roads. When you see something of interest you can usually find a safe place to pull over; hardly possible on the Interstate.
We can't say much about the areas of Massachusetts and Connecticut that we drove through on Wednesday. Very beautiful country, deeply forested with old, old towns and villages, many established in the late 1600s, early 1700s. But, looking at the days we have left to us for this trip we made the decision to take the highway and Interstate so as to arrive at Gettysburg, PA a little sooner.

This is the bridge on I-84 spanning the Hudson River at Newburgh, NY. We apologize for not stopping to take pictures of this majestic river which is about a half mile wide at this point. Ocean going vessels can navigate this river clear to Albany and beyond.

The West Point US Military Acadamy is just a short distance downriver. This area is full of history, but we traveled on, the days left for our trip pressing upon us.