Friday, October 17, 2008

Day 46, Friday, Oct 17, Nauvoo, IL

Thursday, on arrival in Nauvoo, we found lodging at a locally owned and operated hotel, convenient to the Temple. We dressed in our Sunday best this morning and after checkout from the hotel we went to the Temple and participated in an endowment session with about 24 other patrons.

It was such a sweet experience to go inside this holy temple, carefully structured after the design and decor of the original. The spiral staircases that adorn the interior at the four corners of the building are so beautifully crafted. Except for those who need the elevator ( a modern addition) patrons use these spiral staircases to ascend to the endowment rooms.

What a special experience for us to attend the Nauvoo Temple today!

We motored on down river and crossed over the bridge and took a room at the Marriott Fairfield at Keokuk, Iowa, there being no rooms available for us in Nauvoo. We plan to remain in the Nauvoo area through Sunday and attend church services there and see more of the historic area maintained by the Church as part of the Illinois Nauvoo Mission before we continue westward.

Today, we are trying to recover from BYU's disappointing loss at TCU. The very best way to do that was a deeply satisfying and uplifting session at the Nauvoo Temple, followed by a drive along the Mississippi.

This picture was taken on the east bank of the river about 5 miles south of Nauvoo.