Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nov 28, 2008, Family at the park

Well, what do people do after a tough day at the office, or in this case at the family picnic at the park? Well, they get in their swim trunks and jump in the nearest swimming pool, Brrrr! 50 degrees! Then they jump into the warm Jacuzzi; then back into the pool; then back into the Jacussi ... that is what they do!
Here is the picture to prove it. Future business executives Rhett Ricedorff and his cousin and pal, Garrett LeSueur. The fact that it is now November doesn't mean a thing to them.

Here is a cute threesome! Left to right, Ryan Funk, 8 yrs, Kacey LeSueur, 5 yrs, and Cade Chapman, 4 yrs, enjoying the sand in the volly ball court.

While wild and crazy things were going in the football game, this sweet little group were gathered together at the children's play area with Darcey Perkins, 15 yrs, leading them in different games and activities they could enjoy.

Thank you, Darcey, for being such a good friend and mentor to your much younger cousins.

Dallin Funk, 16 yrs, in the forground, certainly belongs in the game going on between the dad's and their sons and nephews. Dallin is a member of the Mountain View Football Team which is scheduled to play in the State 5A semi-finals against Brophy Dec 6.

But who is that behind Dallin, taking part in this all-male sports activity? Well, of course, its our daughter Rebecca. If is a competion she wants to be part of the action!

"Uncle" Steve Williams is about to catch a pass for the "old man's" team. I didn't get a photo of his really amazing pass reception. It was a long bomb thrown by Gary Funk. Two defenders went up for it. The ball got deflected. Steve had fallen to the ground after going up for the pass, but caught it while flat on his back on the ground!
I asked him if he could do that again as I was so amazed at watching it happen I had forgotten to ready my camera. He said, "Sure. Stand by."

Of course, when this group gets together the grandsons and some of the dad's always have a ball and make a game of it, together. Here is Rathen Ricedorff, 16 yrs, looking over his possible receivers, while Brock, Randy, John and Gary in the distance, are intent on spoiling his day.

Drew Dalton, 6 yrs, holding hands with his sister, Paige, 3 yrs.
Dear little Claudia, 2 yrs in March, is in the forground. Her big brother Christian, 7 yrs, is climbing the equipment. Claudia and Christian belong to John and Rebecca, our second son.
We love being with these dear grandchildren. We so enjoy seeing them interact with each other as cousins when they get a chance at a family event.

Two busy mothers, Ann and Melissa, stopped just long enough for me to take this picture.

They don't like it that I publish these pictures to the blog. But, aren't they cute?

Our daughter Rebecca and her youngest daughter Alexis, enjoying their visit with Mom/Grandma.

If Rebecca isn't smiling and talking she is most likely in bed, asleep. She is one enthusiastic woman!

My brother Reid visiting with Ann's husband, Steve Williams. Steve is holding little Joshua. I believe Josh is our youngest grandson right now. He is a cutie!

It was great to see our White Mountain families. Here is Kelly and Brock saying "Hi" to the mother of this family.

Kelly's 3rd daughter, Darcey Perkins is seated behind them. It was so good to see her again. She continues to attend school here in the Valley. She is an outstanding student. At this gathering she devoted her time to organizing play activities with her younger cousins. She is a most caring and unselfish young woman. We are proud of you Darcey!

Here is Elizabeth's happy, contented baby Erica, being held up for a picture by her father, Rich Dalton.

That is Nathan Funk at the water can, Amy and Gary's second oldest boy.

Grandson's Garrett LeSueur and Zach Perkins took their picnic lunch and settled down under the slide. They called to me and said, "Hey, Grandpa! Look at our orange smiles!"

They had some of the orange slices I had cut for the luncheon. What a pair!

Friday, Nov 28, we were able to gather with our children, grandchildren and other family members at a neighborhood park near the home of Melissa and Russell in Gilbert.
My younger brother Reid (cap) and his wife Stephanie from Monticello, Utah also joined us with their son Todd(far right) and daughter Ashley.
Good food and good times! The weather continued to treat us so well, with perfect temperature and plenty of sunshine.
Linda counted and said later that we had 52 in attendance.